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utauhoshino 01-11-2011 03:26 AM

Zenadia in Review
Firstly, i would like to congratulate OGP for finally creating/updating Z=Xenadia. However I would say overall it is good, yet there are a couple of not-so-goods in Xenadia.

Number one:
Xenadia Graphics
I found it quite interesting and gives us the feeling of ancient ruins and stuffs. The graphics is really cool and the monsters are kinda cool too. I particularly like the sorcerer monsters as they way they walk or attack or even 'die' looks like a normal lataler which is what that pleasantly surprised me most.

Number two:
Xenadia BGM
It is one of the nicest i've heard. Rather nice tune with it.

Number Three:
THIRD JOBS :py01: :py01: :py01:
One of the most anticipated feautures. It is rather interesting about how the quests and requirements set out to be. First it is not as simple second job. Most people would think "Oh 2nd Job is just get to abyss ruins! I think third job would be climb bifrost!" or something similar. but NO. we gotta go through ALOT OF QUESTS. Skills are most epic of course. And i found the ruin walker skill particularly cute [How much do you want?!!!?] pfft. And yea.

A couple of bad points:
Third job
Some glitches with PvP. Kinda make people pissed. and also. The process. I've just read some of the 3rd job guide and i was think "Holy crap! I have to go through all that in 34 levels?! That is gonna kill me!" Seriously. There so MANY quests. And its kinda hard to finish it in one day [unless you play till 12 am in the morning.] Gosh and it's like so confusing! Especially for minstrels. Singing stones. They don't realise some of us switched off the Effect Sound to reduce lag. And if we have yet to see the guide what are we suppose to do? Which is kinda annoying.
Next. 23 quests. Who in the right mind would not get bored halfway through. I can honestly say at about quest 10 i get bored. Okay maybe some people who are desperate for 3rd job would persist. but not me. once i'm bored, i stop. Seriously, TWENTY THREE! That alot! It's gonna drive the hell outta me! If its 15 i can rather understand. But 23!!! a 8 quest difference! Gosh, im gonna go bonker.

What that annoys me is, one of the quests [well not sure if it's updated or not but] the monster name was typed wrongly. So i was staring at it "Govenor of Water? What the heck is that?" And i was killing the wrong monster for 2 hours. Pfft. Misleading.

As you can see there are quest some unhappiness when i was discussing this review and also, if you feel im in the wrong then its okay to critic. Xenedia is overally a sort-of good update but if OGP edits the new update then it should be quite okay then.

Zuro 01-11-2011 03:39 AM

I've missed the point of this topic completely.

utauhoshino 01-11-2011 03:45 AM

lol its just a review from my point of view. =A="

Krem 01-11-2011 03:58 AM

Then this should be in the LaTale fandom section to be never frowned upon again.

Lime 01-11-2011 10:21 AM

The quest chain is intended to challenge your usage of 2nd job for one final time. and yes, its' long.

Elemental master alone took me 11 hours cause i insisted on making it in one day, big mistake. But ya know what? We don't HAVE to do it all in one day. If you have friends who wanna hang around and help, it easily can be done in about 4 hours or possibly less as my Dragoon did so with a full party of advancing people.

Also, some of them can be taken simultaneously and don't take all that long. Don't screw yourself out of the awesome feeling you'll get when its all done, and you finally advance.

Like with my sorc, I was sick of the game by the 10th hour and just wanted to log when it was done. Then she advanced to EM and i was on 2 more hours just playing with the skills.

Doing those quests make for a different experience despite how tedious it is, there's still some good in it. Don't be so scared of a little work.

LilPhenyl 01-16-2011 08:45 PM

The 3rd job quest was pretty long, but I guess it's supposed to since it's like the final step. Let's just hope subclass changes won't be as tedious. The only problem with it all is:

1) Fire B**** can't be knocked back. What the hell is that? She is by far the most OP monster in this damn game(super speedy attacks that easily KB/with long reach/long aggro-lockon/can't be KB'd despite being a 'mage'). Take her off the field and make her a boss already.

2) That "Escaped Hyumnu" is RIDICULOUS. They honestly expect 4 level 140's to survive that? They're not getting that done without a bard or insta-pots and 6k+ HP. In other words, it sucks if you're a non-astro user or just flat out poor.

3) It's too time consuming. Well. Obviously. I guess 3rd job should be earned through tedious tasks, but my main beef is with how long it takes. It's like doubling the cash for half the bang. I switched to Elemental Master and found myself going "Hey. My damage is EXACTLY the same. The only useful thing is this meteor. I spent 13 hours/21 deaths getting a second 5th tier-type skill. The other skill which is supposed to be super useful doesn't work at all. I can't PvP either. What. The. Faaaaaaa-(this goes on for many hours)-aaaaaaaaaaaaaack!"

I'm sure many other people said the same thing.

Winters 01-17-2011 06:13 PM

You guys make it seem like getting 3rd job is so hard =/ I'm scared now lol...

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