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LilPhenyl 12-05-2009 11:52 PM

You Are Hereby Invited To Our Wedding
I honestly have no idea where such a glorious thing would be, so here it is.
The Wedding of Annastra Awesomeface and Prescription Piddlesworth will be held on
December 6th, 2009 at 11:00 PM(EST) on channel 5.
Everyone is invited, and since Pressy and I have a wondrous honeymoon
planned after the wedding, it'll be short and sweet.
It happens at 11:00 and ends at 11:01, chances are special-relations will take about one minute too.
We would then proceed to "make babies", but we already have many.
Perhaps you have seen our glorious offspring, also know as a "Fat Panda"?
They are a combination of my beauty and Prescription's slender figure.
Alas, this message is getting far too long to fit the inventation cards...
So yeah, be there for the free exp buff! Or don't. Whatever.

Here's a picture of the two soon-to-be-married folks:
As you can see, the delicate bride is on the left and the charming groom is on the right.
To the far left is the man who the bride is having an affair with.
What can I say? My darling Prescription just can't keep her hands to herself.
She's far too much woman for one man.
Which should be taken quite literally because she is quite large.

kimmi 12-06-2009 01:34 PM

oh /o/! grats phephe and drone Y; please remind me ingame, don't make me miss this QQ;;;
i'll be looking forward to your babies~ just... you know, sprout them like crazy /looks at fuzzlesthefurret and yagatan.

Johnnywup 12-06-2009 05:33 PM

Gratz :D
Poisonous, married. Hah.

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