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09-02-2010   #1 (permalink)
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IGN: Flamebow
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Default Treasure Hunter Lvl 80+ :D (Dagger)

So I've looked around... and I haven't seen any builds/guides for THs...
Maybe I haven't looked enough...
Anyway... I'm going to post preferred places to train, items to buy, and a good build.
This guide WILL get better as I level my TH...
[Sept/02/2010] Level 106
So you're level 80, yay!! I'm a TH
So you get the dagger from the class advance machine. Equip it. >_>
Then buy a shield, equip it. Should I really be saying this? XD

Here's the part you were waiting for... THE BUILD!
When there's a number... it means upgrade it that many times... So if it says 1... then put as many points as it takes to upgrade ONE time. ^_^
Dagger Mastery [Novice] - 5 (More accuracy )
Dagger Mastery [Skilled] - 10 (More damage )
Dagger Mastery [Expert] - 10 (More crit damage!!! )
Dancing Dagger - 3
Illusion Dagger - 3
Masquerade - 3
Dark Dagger - 1
Sonic Dagger - 3
Assassin Dagger - 3
Dagger Rains - 3
Bombing Dagger - 1
Good Luck - 10
Evasion - 10
Eyes of Falcon - 10 (It SAYS raises crit damage... but it gives you 1% crit rate... AWWWEEESOME! )
Millionaire Dream - 10 (Optional, if you just want attack, put it into Tiger Claw)
Ok... so you're level 80... "Where should I train?!"
Well I'll tell you (This is all if you're soloing... if you have a party, it might be different)
Leveling Places
Level 80-88 - Lilliput freeway. (Yes, I know, that sounds RIDICULOUS, but that's what I did... the mobs are nice... :P)
88-94 - Spooky, with a party... (If you can't find a party, just wait until you do!! It's worth it ^_^)
94-100 - Abyss, Grell mobs
100-102 - Camper mobs (If you feel really pro, I haven't been able to... XD)
102-104 - Cookie Garden, Twin Icecreams
104-106 - Cookie Garden, Burger mobs (Watch out, they mob a lot sometimes... )
106-??? (I haven't gotten past 106 on my TH... more to come...)
To be continued, when I get to level 120, I'll post MUCH more. ^_^

Last edited by Flamebreaker; 09-02-2010 at 12:58 PM.
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