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Zamus 07-15-2010 08:59 PM

Meister stats & equipment help
Well ill be honest i have not spended any ely on my equipment so it kinda sucks i would like help to decide what should i do now im from Aeria

My stats w/o equipment are:

My stats with equipment are:

I should say that i want to get a decent critical rate im going to the left misc tree for those who dont know i get
30% Str
10% Physical accuracy
Chance to do 150 extra damge (Usless and takes 20 skills points to max x_x)
Power turret (7% Min dmg buff)
3% TDD (The best skill on this tree but i only have it at 3/10)

First i would like to know if i should keep the lvl 80 set or go for the 130
The lvl 80 gives
10/5 Luck/Stamina per piece
300 Defense
500 hp
2% Critical Rate
10% TDD
10 Physical Damage Defense

The 130 set
10/5 Luck/Stamina per piece
500 Defense
900 hp
20-25% Critical Damage (Im not sure on this one)
10% TDD
20 Physical Damage Defense

My eq stats are

The earring should i go for the phoenix earring or should i use another one

The ring i was planning to get a Tiger sing unless there is another more usefull ring

The mg once the exp event on aeria is over im going to the mine to get some materials, how many attempts should it take to get a decent mg 33,66,99?

Glasses i dont have any because im waiting till i hit 130 for the green glasses or if i find some cap glasses

Also i would like to know at wich point should i use Super puzzles, and the cubing resuper thing it is made to get the higest value? or for something else? i have cubed about 5 items and i always seem to get 1 dura back =/

Any help/tips regarding my equipment should be apreciated

Metalzdragon 07-17-2010 02:26 PM

If you want a higher Crit Rate keep Machine Set (The Machine Set has better defense then most of the higher leveled NPC sets so your defense is still high). If you want more HP, Defense, and Crit Damage go with the MG set.

Phoenix's Earrings are good since they boost crit rate, although I'd get better Dura Earrings since you can't really do anything with 100 dura earrings except for use it as crafting material. Tiger Sign is good too since it's one of the few rings that boost crit rate.

Do you have a Mini Robot +4/5? If you don't you should get one. You should also get some Bindis/Stockings.

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