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04-20-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Meister skill question...

I am trying to decide either going down the str or critical tree..
I think the str tree has better effect but the body upgrade on crit tree provide 20% dmg reduction seem very temping also... So can i use body upgrade and power surge at the SAME time? meaning i have both buff at the same time?
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04-20-2010   #2 (permalink)
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I'm not sure. I think you can since the descriptions doesn't say anything about them not stacking.

But Body Upgrade > Power Surge. Max Power surge only increases STR by 30 for 12 minutes while Body Upgrade is 10% defense increase for 12 Minutes. 30 STR isn't really much damage.

Even if you do go down the Power Tree I recommend getting the HP passive and Body Upgrade then going down the power tree seeing as the HP passive (Increases max hp by 20%) can give you around an additional 1k health.

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04-20-2010   #3 (permalink)
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Actually i believe they do stack, i mean when i use both buffs they do appear at the top.

And i believe that skills should be

Body Upgrade - 10% Enemy Damage Ignored 12 mins
Power Surge - 30% Strength increase 20 mins.
(Or did i get it wrong? hmmm)

Both are pretty important to me (I mean any buffs are cool) so i pretty much max both out and use them (i think they do stack, im very sure im getting more strength). And the HP Passive works wonders as well.

If your looking for a build you can try -
OGPlanet Forums: Meister Builds

or just look through the forums.

Credits to Noperative for the sig!
05-14-2010   #4 (permalink)
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Yes they both stack and really come in handy at times
05-14-2010   #5 (permalink)
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From persona usage of a Meister,Crit tree's Dmg reduction is GREAT,Iv been able to handle mobs litterally 15-20 levels higher with out so much as burning more pots then training at monsters dead on my level because when you get used to dodging constantly that RARE small dmg hit makes you think "Gee that skill was worth the Ely and levels!" So Pick the Crit tree and call it a Damage bonus because in the end youll be able to handle monsters much nicer


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