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02-24-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default A question about turrets in PvP

I have been thinking for awhile about this question about the turrets

Which ones work and which don't? I know for one the push turret and fire ones work, but I am not so sure about the others.

Does Slow Turret work in PvP for Meisters? I am trying to figure out if it works in advance before adding skill points to it I would appreciate a confirmation.

Does Curse turret also work, in lowering opponent STR? I dont really think this works yet because its really insignificant.

Lastly, the ones that give you a buff with min damage/max or the critical turret, Do these work at all in PvP?

Thanks for your time I am just trying to figure out which ones are valuable.
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02-24-2010   #2 (permalink)
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All skills work in PVP as described, so yes, even critical, power, or invincible turrets work in PVP.

Now to break it down for you... ALMOST EVERY TURRET IS USELESS IN PVP. This is coming from my experience as a level 112 Meister who rarely relied on turrets. Turrets are often used by runners or people who spam fire turrets and duck in a corner. In other words, get turrets if you don't plan on really fighting - but you still want to win anyway.

The only turret that keeps it's value in and out of PVP is a Push Turret. A Push Turret can push enemies off you in PVE, allowing you more time to run, pot up, attack, etc. In PVP, it allows you to KB your enemy or force them into a corner. The Push Turret, as well as any other meister skill, can be used mid-combo to halt the combo. This is very useful if the foe gets behind you or if the foe is running away. The Push Turret also foil Bladers' little plans when they try to use the "uppercut/hit/run/wait till they can use uppercut again" shtick.

The Slow Turret is another decent turret, but it's only useful in PVP since it cuts anyone's speed down to zero or less for a few seconds. This is great for really speedy opponents such as Wind Sorcerers or Treasure Hunters/Gunslingers... But other than that, it's useless. I never used it much, and found hitting a runner in the back with Meisteren/Gaiborg/etc to be more effective than spamming Slow Turrets.

As for the Power/Critical/Invincible Turrets... Those are decent, but they require for you to spam them to get the (better) effects of them. You also have to stick around the turret - and no person in their right mind would come running towards a Meister who's camping. I think other misc skills would be better than getting either of those turrets. Perhaps the Critical Turret would be good since you can keep the 30% crit damage buff, but that's about it.
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02-24-2010   #3 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by LilPhenyl
Perhaps the Critical Turret would be good since you can keep the 30% crit damage buff, but that's about it.
The Crit Turret/Power Turret Max Damage/Critical Damage buff are bugged. They're supposed to last 1 minute like the min buff but instead they stay. So pretty much if they get fixed they'll both be pretty useless and would just be fillers to get Ravage/Invulnerability Turrets. Of course there's a high chance that it will never be fixed.

On topic, Pretty much all Turrets aren't worth the skill points except for Push Turret and Power/Crit Turret (Only because Power/Crit Turrets are needed to get Ravage/Invulnerability Turrets). Each turret costs 5 skill points so you are best off sticking to Push Turret and the Power/Crit Turrets.
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Not really sure about turrets since I don't have a meister myself, but as far as lowering str goes; each point of str is ~0.42 damage. So unless that thing lowers like 9001 str, you won't see much of a change in damage it takes off.


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