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11-02-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Level 80 Meister skills/equips

Just wondering if going down the power route is the best tree to start off with? I've tried both, but since I'm kinda poor and don't really have Astros and also don't have much time to play, which one is the most efficient for me?

Also wondering if I should be trying for new equips? I don't play much, so hunting Sphinx gear might take too long? I only have 2 pieces of Hyunmu for the 200 Def bonus and the rest are Dragon Scale/movement speed shoes.
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The reason why this isn't answered is because not many people know what each tree does. Also; there's like 2-3 meisters on all of GGFTW. So it might be good to give a small summary for both. THOUGH, in doing that, you could probably pick whichever tree is best for you. Anything that boosts damage/power is usually the way to go. So yar...

As for equips, hunting a Sphinx set will take too long if you don't have much time. You should look around for good armor in Elias/the free market with good durability. Enchant for stamina and strength. Though from what I saw of meisters (and the brief time I spent as one), they can keep monsters at bay with their basic/hard attacks if you don't go crazy with mobbing... So I guess it depends on how well you can keep monsters at bay. (I say 2-3 things enchanted for stamina and the rest for str).

Sorry I couldn't be much of a help, maybe a meister user/pro would be kind enough to come in here and answer your question more effectively.
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Indeed, the power tree is a good choice because it increases your damage to make your combos more effective on mobs. Personally I would choose the power tree over the crit one, because you can have crit damage enchants with gloves/pets, so it’s not really necessary unless you want to rely on luck. Choosing the power route gives you major bonuses, like extra 150 damage, Strength increased by 30%, 10% more accuracy, and having a chance of 10% enemy def gone. Crit route has a 10% evasion bonus, and 20% damage reducing skill, and the max HP upgrade 30%. You could max out the power route and have some skill points left over to add onto the power upgrade, to get the 30% more HP bonus, if you’re going for the power route. But it’s really your preference if you prefer having high str / damage or having good crits / def /evasion.

For armors, hunting sphinx may be tiresome, so try getting 2 pieces of it to get the def bonus. And the rest of the armor you could have regular one, so that keeping the def bonus and the regular armor you save money and time. Once you hit around level 100ish you could buy 2 pieces of the Machine set, (Machine+2) and repeat what you did to the sphinx if you want to keep the def bonus. The reason to this is that you save money and don’t have to waste time hunting for equipment. Once you get to 130s you may do the same or go for the full MG set, switching out with normal equips if you want to save money; but at around 155 there isn’t really any good regular armor so then you could try to wear the full MG set at +2. The enchants are up to your preference, str/stam is a good choice.

For info check out this link on Mei builds:

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