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rickaiii 08-15-2009 06:37 AM

Kay's Engineer Guide
Kay's Engineer Guide

~~~~~~~~~Please wait a few moment for the images to load. Enjoy!~~~~~~~~

(Can PM me anytime for more information regarding engineers. You can quote/use anything from this guide, as long as you don't claim as yours. Thank you!)

IGN: Kays

1I. Contents
1I. Contents
2II. What is Engineer?
3III. Engineer Mastery
4IV. Engineer Skill
5V. Engineer Skill - Turrets
6VI. Engineer Misc Skills (note: Pls PM me info on CD/Duration/SP cost of Crit Tree)
7VII. Engineer Equipments
8VIII. Engineer Leveling Spot
9IX. Engineer Skill Build (Warning!: Spoilers Alert!)
10X. Engineer Skill Simulator
11XI. Engineer Job Change to Meister
12XII. Credits

2II. What is Engineer?

Engineer's one of the new breeds of latale classes, it is an all balanced class with all equal stat base. It uses tool boxes as their only weapon and their skill has funny animation and itself are funny too. Engineers can promote to Meister when you reach lvl 80. By then, you'll be using keys that give you a robot as your main weapon, instead of tool boxes. The engineer class, Strength adds damage, HP (known as Stamina) adds HP and defence, MP ( known as Magic) adds SP, and Luck adds Critical rate and Ely drop from Monsters.

Engineers in PVP?
Engineer are not so great in pvp compare to other classes. Their skills lack attackspeed, especially mecha summon, take few second to attack, making itself vulnerable. The'r normal attacks also not so great, it takes time to swing the tool box around, however, running + plain/hard attack is one of the fastest i've seen in 1st jobs. Hammer Fall maybe the only good pvp skill. Turrets are also not that useful, no one would be silly enough to jump into them, unless by accident. Slow Turret however may seem to be useful if your enermy gets paralysed. Other than that, if you planning to be playing PVP for your latale life, Engineer is not a wise choice. Unless of course, if you want to become meister, which is another case. For more information regarding meister, seek google.

  • Good damage output from skills
  • Turrets for debuff and buffing
  • Excel both in Long range and short range.
  • Funny animated skills
  • Lacks SP for skills, require magic stat boost to add SP.
  • Difficult to excel in PVP
  • Only one attacking skill tree.
  • Not a good tank.

Basic Attacks

Plain Attack

Hard Attack

Plain/Hard run attack
Basic jump attack
Hard jump attack

Engineer Class Video Preview
YouTube - Latale - Kay's Engineer Preview @ Toad Forest - lvl 47

3III. Engineer Mastery

Tool Box Mastery (Novice)

Increase your Accuracy with Tool Boxes. 1% Accuracy increase per skill level.A
Require lvl: 1
Max lvl: 5
Point use per skill lvl: 1
Price: 100 ely

Tool Box Mastery (Skilled)

Increase your damage with Tool Boxes. 1% Min. and Max. Damage increase per skill level.
Require lvl: 15
Max lvl: 10
Point use per skill lvl: 1
Price: 7,500 ely

Tool Box Mastery (Expert)

Increase your Accuracy and Min. Physical damage with Tool Boxes. 1% Accuracy and Min. Damage increase per skill level.
Require lvl: 30
Max lvl: 10
Point use per skill lvl: 1
Price: 27,000 ely

Tool Box Mastery (Master)

Increase your Min. and Max. damage with Tool Boxes. +4 max. and +2 min. damage increase per skill level.
Require lvl: 60 (+2 lvls instead of +1. e.g. 60, 62, 64.. etc.)
Max lvl: 50
Point use per skill lvl: 2
Price: 126,000 ely

4IV. Engineer Skills

Machine Gun
Bullets fly out of the tool box like a machine gun.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

PVE: 8/10
PVP: 6/10
Number of skill levels: 3
Required levels: 1/5/10
Point use per level: 1
SP cost: 25 sp
Number of attack hits: 3
Cooldown: 2.5s
Max target: 2
Cost: 100 ely
Prerequisites: Tool Box Mastery (Novice) lvl 1

Mecha Summon
A mecha priring emerges from the tool box and unleashes a giant laser cannon.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

PVE: 6/10
PVP: 1/10
Number of skill levels: 3
Required levels: 20/25/30
Point use per level: 1
SP cost: 40 sp
Number of attack hits: 1
Cooldown: 3.5s
Max target: 2
Cost: 10,000 ely
Prerequisites: Machine Gun (Mastered level)

Thunder Trap
Places a lightning rod in the ground that shoots thunder bolts at nearby enemies.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

PVE: 10/10
PVP: 510
Number of skill levels: 3
Required levels: 40/45/50
Point use per level: 1
SP cost: 50 sp
Number of attack hits: 4
Cooldown: 5s
Max target: 2
Cost: 52,000 ely
Prerequisites: Mecha Summon (Mastered level)

Hammer Fall
Enemies will get clobbered by engineering tools flung from the tool box.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

PVE: 10/10
PVP: 9/10
Number of skill levels: 3
Required levels: 60/65/70
Point use per level: 2
SP cost: 65 sp
Number of attack hits: 4
Cooldown: 6.5s
Max target: 3
Cost: 126,000 ely
Prerequisites: Thunder Trap (Mastered level)

5V. Engineer Skills - Turrets

Fire turret
Places turrets on the ground and shoot flames at nearby enemy.

PVE: 710
PVP: 5/10
Lvl 1: Consumes 15 sp , require lvl: 10, ELY: 1000
Lvl 2: Consumes 25 sp , require lvl: 25, ELY: 22,500 ,require fire turret lvl 1
Lvl 3: Consumes 35 sp , require lvl: 40, ELY: 52,000 ,require fire turret lvl 2
Lvl 4: Consumes 45 sp , require lvl: 55, ELY: 115,000 ,require fire turret lvl 3
Lvl 5: Consumes 60 sp , require lvl: 70, ELY: 175,000 ,require fire turret lvl 4

Uses 2 skill point per level.
Hits up to 3 enermies.
Cooldown: 7 sec
Duration: 10 sec

Curse turret
Places a turret on the ground that lower 30% str of target.

PVE: 3/10
PVP: 2/10
Prerequisite: lvl 30
Uses 3 skill point and consumes 30 SP
Hits up to 3 enermies.
Cooldown: 10 sec
Duration: 7 sec
ELY: 27,000

Slow turret
Places a turret on the ground that slows target.

PVE: 8/10
PVP: 7/10
Prerequisite: lvl 50
Uses 3 skill point and consumes 50 SP
Hits up to 3 enermies.
Cooldown: 10 sec
Duration: 7 sec
ELY: 85,000

Push turret
Places a turret on the ground that pushes targets away.

PVE: 9/10
PVP: 7/10
Prerequisite: Lvl 70
Uses 3 skill point and consumes 50 SP
Hits up to 3 enermies.
Cooldown: 10 sec
Duration: 7 sec
ELY: 175,000

6VI. Engineer Misc Skills

Engineer Bonus Event Skill
To obtain the Event Skill for Engineer, called "Sprint" (It Increase movement speed for 10 sec, Cool Down is 4 minute), go to Scrap Valley Entrance 4 and save at the Iris Stone. To go to Scap Valley Entrance 4, go to Elias - Airport. Speak to Janice and fly to The Big Apple(Press M if you get lost).

7VII. Engineer Equipments

What weapon Engineers Use?
Engineers uses tool boxes, which can be purchased through weapon & armor shops in town or traveler heaven or they can be dropped from monsters at their corresponding lvl. You can also buy from players who vend shops at channel 1 Elias Free Market, Weapon Room A. I also suggest not to find really rare tool boxes as it requires alot of time and money wasted and the difference to a normal weapon are small, unless of course you do not wish to become Meister.

What armor Engineers wear?
Armor of engineers can be purchased through the same places where tool boxes are bought. For easier lvling however, it is best to obtain dungeon sets such as,

Sapphire/Ruby Set lvl 9 - 22 (Can be crafted from armor crafters.)
Invoke Set lvl 24 - 27 (Dragon Lair - Temple of Pluton 4)
Hyunmu Set lvl 44 - 47 ( Shrangai-La - Arcadia 4)
Sphinx Set lvl 64 - 67 (Pyramid Treasure Vault - Sealed room for queen/king)

For more information, they can be find through searching within this forum, or you can PM/Mail me in game for more information.

What about Cloaks?
Regarding engineer cloaks, which is also known as "Double Bag". If you wish to become meister, getting a engineer cloak is not recommended, as it cost at a larger sum of money (over 1 mil ely usually) and it would only last you til lvl 80. It can be made from an armor crafter who needs secondary crafting skills. It requires a cloak kit, and 3 rainbow bobbins. Cloak kit and Rainbow bobbins can be made from refiners, but cloak kit can also be purchased from "Astro" Shop. To made cloak kit, you need 5 cloak shrapnel + 10 spinel (mined in crystal mine) + 5 weak PPoE's remedy + 5 weak Boboru's remedy (can be made from an Alchemist with secondary crafting skills).

What about Enchanted Armors, what stats should i get?
If you wish to have stats on your armors, the best stats that you should aim for is (in priority order):

Head: Luck / Strength / Stamina
Shirt / Pants: Luck / Strength / Stamina
Gloves: Luck / Strength / Stamina / Critical Damage
Shoes: Luck / Strength / Stamina / Evasion
Weapon: Min. Physical Damage / Max. Physical Damage / Luck / Strength / Stamina
Shield (secondary weapon): Stamina / Evasion / Luck / Strength
Note: Ant Queen is located in Ant Cave near Elias. Harpy is located in Toad Forest on Toad Island (Toad Island can be accessed through Elias Airport -> Balloon)

8VIII. Engineer Leveling Spot

There are 2 basic ways on leveling. You can choose to grind at the following places, or complete the quests given in town npc. Grinding levels you faster, but may require backed funding. Quest gives you rewards in both items and ely and gives you exp as well but take longer to level compare to pure grind. It is also more fun to most players.

lvl 1 - 10: Forest Area / Ancient Forest
lvl 11 - 20: Temple of Pluton / Scrap Valley Entrance / Field Area / Underworld (belos) / Forest Mine
lvl 21 - 25: Mountain Area (Kobolds) / Underworld Canal (Elias) / Red Crop Field / Behemoth`
lvl 26 - 30: Behemoth / Mountain Area (Black Bear / Bear Wolf/Gumiho) / Ant Cave / Snowfield / Arcadia (Monkeys)
lvl 31 - 35: Arcadia (Black Tigers) / Cherry Lake(Cherry Ghosts)
lvl 36 - 40: Dark Moon Castle(ninjas) / Toad Forest (Mountain Pigs, Party recommended)
lvl 41 - 45: Dark Moon Castle / Toad Forest (Mountain Pigs / Super Pigs)' / Dark Forest
lvl 46 - 50: Toad Forest (Superpigs)' / Saurus Field* / Desert Field / Dark Forest
lvl 51 - 55: Desert Field / Pyramid Ruin (skeletons or mummies) / Saurus Field(Purplehusu/Stego)
lvl 56 - 60: Pyramid Ruin / Foe Mansion / Crystal Mine(Spriggans)^ [Note: Prefer doing quest during these levels]
lvl 61 - 65: Orca Beach (Crabs) / Longest Tree
lvl 66 - 70: Jungle Area (Kukuri) / Orca Beach (Crabs) / Haunted Ship"/Liliput Field(Neo Navy, Party of 3+ Recommended)
lvl 71 - 75: Liliput Field (Neo Navy) / Eggegg Castle / Ktuka Ruins / Jungle Area / Toad Mountain (Lizard Man, Party recommended)'
lvl 76 - 80: Liliput Freeway / Eggegg Castle / Ktuka Underworld / Toad Mountain (Lizard Man)'

* Saurus Field is in Pyramid Ruins - Time Gate
^ Crystal Mine requires crystal mine ticket to enter, can be obtained from ant queens.
` Behemoth can be accessed by digging (the skill is obtain through a quest) at the ground in field area right next to elias.
" To get to Haunted ship, purchase the ticket from Unas in Elfa and use it to warp there.
' Toad Forest/Mountain/Cave is on Toad Island (Toad Island can be accessed through Elias Airport -> Balloon)

9IX. Engineer Skill Build (Spoilers Alert!)


Friendly advice: Use Skill Simulator to plan your skill build first before adding any skills in game as skill reset cost 100k and you are required to re-buy all the skills that you purchased before resetting.

Skill Build (For lvl 1-80 engineers only)

Why not add Focus or Power Turrets?
Tool Box mastery novice and expert adds 5% and 10% accuracy already, another 10% accuracy is pointless, besides, at low levels we hardly miss. One reason not to add power turrets is because it needs focus as a prerequisite, and the buff only adds alittle damage for below lvl 80s. Not so usefull. If you're a solo person, mob control push/slow turrets are more usefull.

Why i choose the str tree instead of the eva/crit tree?
Because 1. 20% HP increase sounds great, but i kill not tank. 2. 10% speed sounds great but from lvl 1-80, it's useless since we cannot equip movement accessories nor waste money investing getting speed enchanted armors, so that you can run faster. 3. Evasion is good but it only adds a little, i rather spend it on extra accuracy and kill faster. 4. Crit Turrets are totally useless before lvl 80 since your damage wont be that great and your crit rate is low (because your lvl and your luck is low). It's not worth investing before lvl 80, unless you wish to stay engineer for life.

Why not add Tool Box Mastery [Master]?
The skill only available at lvl 60, it is a waste of skill points to add into the mastery when only a little portion of skill points will be added into it. This skill is suitable only for engineers that wishes to stay engineer and not job change to Meister.


Skill Build developed in simulator:
Click me for the Engineer Turret Build Simulated

If you wish to stay engineer and not job change to Meister, i advice you to add into Tool Box Mastery [Master] and the Str Misc tree, and skip Fire Turrets as it becomes useless at lvl 90+. After lvl 120+, the Crit Misc Tree is useful. More information about staying as engineer will be uploaded in the future.

10X. Engineer Skill Simulator

Skill Simulator (Japanese)
Click me for the Engineer Simulator


11XI. Engineer Change Job to Meister

Once you reach level 80, you can change job to Meister in The City of Iron. To change job, go to Elias - Airport. Speak to Janice and fly to The Big Apple(Press M if you get lost). Head right to The City of Iron and take your equipments off. Go to centre of map to the warp of Class Change Centre fall down the hole on your right, and hurrrahh! you're a Meister now. Congratulations!

12XII. Credit - Latale
LaTale:Engineer Skills - Wiki
Latale Character Simulator

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All your skills get reset when you change your job.

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just something to add, training 25-35 in arcadia 1 is incredible, and easy. light on pots too.

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