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OtakuMitsubushi 07-31-2009 07:59 PM

Engineer Leveling Guide (Bonus Leveling material!!)
~Engineer Leveling Guide~
Version 1.0

First off I will give credit to kay and countless others who added information to this!! Without them I wouldn't have such an exclusive guide with bonus material!! Well being an engineer you should know an basic leveling guide!! I will update as I can but here is the Awesome Index:

1. Updates

2. Where to level?

3. Tips


~1. Updates~

Fri. July 31st 2009- Created version 1.0 of guide. Testing of various locations through information gathering an complete success. The results are incredible thanks to the new information I found today.

2. Where to level?
You should do the Quests as well by following the awesome quest guides found on this site but this is the results of testing various tips on level spots and the results of the research so far:

lvl 1 - 10: Forest Area / Ancient Forest

lvl 11 - 20: Temple of Pluton / Scrap Valley Entrance / Field Area / Underworld (belos) / Forest Mine

lvl 21 - 25: Mountain Area (Kobolds) / Underworld Canal (Elias) / Red Crop Field / Behemoth`

lvl 26 - 30: Behemoth / Mountain Area (Black Bear / Bear Wolf/Gumiho) / Ant Cave / Snowfield / Arcadia (Monkeys)

lvl 31 - 35: Arcadia (Black Tigers) / Cherry Lake(Cherry Ghosts)

lvl 36 - 40: Dark Moon Castle(ninjas) / Toad Forest (Mountain Pigs, Party recommended)

lvl 41 - 45: Dark Moon Castle / Toad Forest (Mountain Pigs / Super Pigs) / Dark Forest

lvl 46 - 50: Toad Forest (Superpigs) / Saurus Field* / Desert Field / Dark Forest

lvl 51 - 55: Desert Field / Pyramid Ruin (skeletons or mummies) / Saurus Field(Purplehusu/Stego)

lvl 56 - 60: Pyramid Ruin / Foe Mansion / Crystal Mine(Spriggans)^ [Note: Preferred doing the quest during these levels]

lvl 61 - 65: Orca Beach (Crabs) / Longest Tree

lvl 66 - 70: Jungle Area (Kukuri) / Orca Beach (Crabs) / Haunted Ship"/Liliput Field(Navy)

lvl 71 - 75: Liliput Field(Navy) / Eggegg Castle / Ktuka Ruins / Jungle Area

lvl 76 - 80: Liliput Field / Eggegg Castle / Ktuka Underworld

* Saurus Field is in Pyramid Ruins - Time Gate
^ Crystal Mine requires crystal mine ticket to enter, can be obtained from ant queens.
` Behemoth can be accessed by digging (the skill is obtain through a quest) at the ground in field area right next to elias.
" To get to Haunted ship, purchase the ticket from Unas in Elfa and use it to warp there.

3. Tips
There is many tips out there to be discovered but here is one of many tips I will be placing here:

1.Quick XP Gain-
Any Animal Set along with an Iris Stone can give you an incredible XP boost. You can also use XP Syrups and Peach Cans to boost it even further!!


If You got information to contribute please do so... this will help greatly!! :music:

Shugi 08-01-2009 10:24 AM

For 71~80 you can go to Lizard Men. They're very good exp if you have at least 2 people so you can rope/edge tank. I was getting around 80% an hour there without any exp boost.

wawawa22 08-07-2009 05:40 PM

i would just like to ask some questions.
what do you mean by "animal set"???.. like the wolf set in the fahion shop or an animal set battle equip???.
and where can i get an iris stone???..

Aubree 08-08-2009 12:20 PM

you can get a animal set by buying from people for 30mil~38mil or you can win them by playing ladeck. you need to purchase darts from the fashion shop to play ladeck. andd. you can also get a iris stone from ladeck. but there are other stones such as muwen, and zoe (2nd place ladeck) and kazno from the fashion shop.

wawawa22 08-08-2009 09:13 PM

thank you. ^_^

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