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RunLikeWind 04-27-2010 10:23 AM

Some Comparative questions about 3 classes
I posted this on OGP forums but would like some input from people here too.
I'm looking at three classes in their PVE capabilites: The Meister, Blader, and Mace Templar.

Basically I would like some opinions on how easy each of the classes are to grind.

How spammy with the pots are each class?
Do they take a lot of damage in pve? (ninjas and higher level mobs)
What if i were to syrup(damage and crit) them?
Do they farm well?
Do they level fast? (blader/templar I can picture, but no idea on how well meisters grind)
How popular do you see each class as?

Please focus on the PVE aspects xD

LilPhenyl 05-05-2010 03:51 PM

Strongest DPM+High Fund:
Mace Templar

Strongest DPM+Low Fund:
Mace Templar

Best Farmer/Bosser:
Mace Templar

Worst SP Pot Use:
Mace Templar

Worst HP Pot Use:

Qualities of a blader:
(pros)Fast, great DPM, easy to use, one of the best attackers in the game
(cons)Ping reliant, extremely frail, limited range, you're dead if you can't KB

Qualities of a meister:
(pros)Tankish, strong, amazingly useful comboes, nice pot usage, awesome super-attacks
(cons)Limited range, some MGs are terrible, all MGs have different comboes/hard to get use to, hard to fund to make it great(after a while)

Qualities of a mace templar:
(pros) Great KBers, great damage takers, great even with low funding
(cons) Low range, SP will be near-empty most of the time, hard to make tankish without amazing gear

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