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Manabi 08-01-2013 05:44 AM

Patch Note, July 31st, 2013
July 31, 2013 Patch Notes

In Game

New Items Added
OGPlanet’s La Tale presents, Punky Rabbit Set!!!Yes that’s right, we’ve got another new fashion set for you. You could say we’re like magicians, pulling out one Rabbit Set after another! But can you really blame us? We are just as excited as you are, so what are you waiting for? Login and come take a look at our new set yourself!

Punky Rabbit Set
Punky Rabbit Set Coupon 1 can be exchanged from Gema for the unisex pieces, where Punky Rabbit Set Coupon 2 (found from exchanging Punky Rabbit Set Coupon 1) can also be exchanged from Gema for the male or female gender specific pieces.
  • Punky Rabbit Hat (M)
  • Punky Rabbit Long Haired Hat (F)
  • Punky Rabbit Top (M)
  • Punky Rabbit Top (F)
  • Punky Rabbit Bottom (M)
  • Punky Rabbit Skirt (F)
  • Punky Rabbit Gloves
  • Punky Rabbit Boots (M)
  • Punky Rabbit Long Stocking Boots (F)
  • Punky Rabbit Eye Patch
  • White Radish Cloak

New Special Skin Color
Ever feel like just hanging there like a puppet? Well now you can with the new Marionette Skin! Stop by the Beauty Shop and consult with Bonnie to get your new tan lines!
Special Suntan Color
  • Marionette Skin

New Fashion Shop Item
  • Marionette Stocking

New Emotes
  • Push Up Guidebook
    (Available from La Deck 3rdPlace)
La Deck

  • Punky Rabbit Set
  • Push Up Guidebook

Fashion Shop
Worried about last minute purchases? Worry no further, our 30% Off Item Sales continues with the addition of a new item to our Fashion Shop: Marionette Stocking!

New Additions
  • Marionette Stocking is now available from the Fashion Shop!
Bug Fixes!
  • Devil Rabbit Set Option has been corrected to Magic Critical Rate instead of Magic Critical Damage
  • Celebration Set name unified from Fashion Shop

Updated to the latest version of X-Trap

Thank you!
La Tale Team

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