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07-18-2013   #1 (permalink)
Needs more cute stuff
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IGN: Manabi/Joxina/Fatechan
Class: RW/Blader/Bard lt_treasurehunter
Level: 175/107/111
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Default Patch Note, July 17th, 2013

July 17, 2013 Patch Notes

In Game

New Items Added
This may be a little late for Easter, but have we got a treat for you! Introducing the new Devil Rabbit Set! Now you can be the cute Easter rabbit, BUT in style and looking very devilish. The La Tale GM Team certainly enjoyed this set, weíre completely positive ALL La Talers will too!

Devil Rabbit Set
  • Devil Rabbit Hat
  • Devil Rabbit Top (M)
  • Devil Rabbit Top (F)
  • Devil Rabbit Bottom
  • Devil Rabbit Gloves
  • Devil Rabbit Boots
  • Devil Rabbit Clock Cloak

New Expert Hair/Eye Styles
New Expert Hair Style and Eye Styles now available. Consult with Bonnie to change up your summer look from the Beauty Shop in Elias!
  • Expert Hair Style
    • Dark Summonerís Hair
    • Hot Pink Wave
    • Shining Silver Hair
  • Expert Eye Style
    • Aquamarine Lens
    • Green Devil Eyes
New Emotes
  • Zombie Walking Guidebook
    (Available from La Deck 3rdPlace)

La Deck
Brand new La Deck revamp.

A brand new set has been added to the 1stPrize of La Deck, Devil Rabbit Set!

1st Place
  • Devil Rabbit Set
  • Advanced Super Puzzle Coupon x100
  • Dragon Poe Coupon
  • Nyx Set Coupon
  • Ultimate Cloak
  • Hemera Set Coupon

2nd Place
  • Pet Coupon Box
  • Prime Ely Holy Water x2
  • General Inventory Expansion Bag
  • Ignate Title Coupon

3rd Place
  • Zombie Walking Guidebook
  • Pet Reassign Gem (Magical)
  • Pet Reassign Gem (Physical)
  • Bundle of Love x2

4th Place
  • Soul Urn Box x3
  • Prime Ely Nostrum
  • Prime XP Potion

5th Place
  • Advanced Enchant Remedy
  • Pet Charger
  • Warp Crystal Charger
  • Effect Ring Charger
  • Valkyrie Weapon Coupon
  • Blacksmithís Coupon

6th Place
  • Guild Crops Seed Box x5
  • Enchant Remedy x2

8th Place
  • Enhanced Item Nostrum
  • Masterís Hand Title Guidebook (1/5000) x10
  • Peach Can x2

9th Place
  • Masterís Hand Title Guidebook (1/10000) x10

10th Place
  • Iris Stone 1 Day Coupon

Fashion Shop
Are you ready for the summer? Donít forget to check your inventories and be prepared before departing for your summer adventures!

New Additions
  • Trance Mecha is now available from the Fashion Shop!
  • Popular item from the old days - Mysterious Sun Piece has returned to the Fashion Shop!

Pets Sales: 30% OFF
  • Mine Bot Egg (Lv.1)
  • Lovely Toby Egg (Lv.1)
  • Snowbear Egg (Lv.1)
  • Steward Stewart Egg (Lv.1)
  • Maid Domesti Egg (Lv.1)
  • Shaggy Egg (Lv.1)
  • Choky Egg (Lv.1)
  • Dark Devil Egg (Lv.1)
  • Dryad Egg (Lv.1)

Fashion Set Sales: 30% OFF
  • Dark Summonerís Set (M)
  • Dark Summonerís Set (F)
  • Wicked Huskyís Set
  • Cool Set (M)
  • Check Pattern Ribbon Set (F)
  • Desperate Struggle Set
  • Dolphin Costume Set
  • Foxy Wizard Set
  • Polar Bear Costume Set
  • Invisible Magic Glasses
  • Invisible Magic Hat
  • Invisible Magic Gloves
  • Punky Black Shoes
  • Shaggy Shorts (Yeti Shorts)
  • Casual Pants
  • Noblesse Punk Pants
  • Destroy Black Jeans

Utility Sales: 30% OFF
  • Mageís Stock
  • General Inventory Bag
  • Pet Charger
  • Server Mic x12
  • Server Mic
  • Syringe
  • Guild Crops Seed Box x30
  • Crystal of Neutrality
  • Consume Inventory Bag
  • 8 Slot Proxy Shop Opening License (7days)
  • Effect Ring Charger
  • Championís Cache
  • Box of Restoration
  • Box of Restoration x10
  • Box of Restoration x20
  • Box of Restoration x40
  • Warp Crystal Charger
  • Box of Enchant
  • Box of Enchant x10
  • Box of Enchant x20
  • Box of Enchant x40
  • Pet Inventory Bag

Bug Fixes!
  • Shangri-La monster graphic bug has been fixed
  • Seafood Congee description has been corrected to match the buff stat
  • Auto-Potion from Pet Skills has been fixed
  • Special Equip Interface has been recovered
  • Pet Name Change Coupon can now be stored
  • Ely/IDR Nostrum effects and descriptions have been fixed
  • Steward Stewart Coupon glitch has been fixed
  • Advanced Pet Gemstoneís names and functions have been corrected and fixed
  • Special Gauge mouse over description has been corrected to display 3rdJob from 2ndJob
  • Warp Crystal Shrapnel use effect has been corrected back to unlimited use for its time duration
  • Option name ďRare Item Drop RateĒ has been changed to ďOption Occurrence RateĒ
  • Zombie Walking emote graphic and motion has been fixed
  • Angry Tank is now visible
  • Star Dwarf's Warehouse's monsters has benn corrected for players around Lv.180-190

Class Bug Fixes!
  • Sword Dancer
  • Ultimate Source Dancer skill name corrected to Ultimate Sword Dancer [Power]
  • Rage skill description has been corrected
  • Cost of Arms 2 skill description has been corrected
  • Samurai Sword skill description has been corrected
  • AP Restoration skill has been fixed for PvP and now correctly restores 30 AP per skill level
  • Minstrel
  • Electric Shock IIís cool down has been reduced to 9 seconds down from 60 seconds
  • Holy Order/Templar
  • Club Mastery [Beginner] skill description has been corrected

Thank you!
La Tale Team
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Manabi (Level 177 RW), Mitsuki4k (Level 155 Engistar), Joxina (Level 141 Strider),
Fatechan (Level 141 Minstrel), Viitachan (Level 85 Templar)

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