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BoredomKillz 04-26-2012 07:11 AM

Patch Notes Update: April 26th
1. Fashion Shop Item
Punk Kid Mask
Punk Kid Overalls
Punk Kid Running Shoes
Punk Kid Set
Casual Hat
Casual Jacket
Casual Pants
Casual Sneakers
Casual Set

Luciga Phial
Tartaria Phial

2. System
Henyx's Phial, and Hemera Functional Set added to LaDeck.
New Items added to Weak Special Accessory Exchange
Popo, and Maven Ring added to Effect Ring Coupon.

3. Recommended
Casual Set
Punk Kid Set
Gold Dart of Luck
Fanta Ring Package

4. Misc Update

1. Quest for the Ring of Strength Event has ended.

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