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Yuki 04-04-2012 10:38 PM

Patch Notes Update: April 4th
1. Fashion Shop Item
Spring Wardrobe 3 (F)
Spring Wardrobe 3 (M)
Puss in Boots Captain Hat
Puss in Boots Costume
Puss in Boots Gloves
Puss Boots
Puss in Boots Set
Easter Treasure Box
Easter Treasure Box x10
Easter Treasure Box x20
Easter Treasure Box x40

2. System
New items addition to Toma & Gema (Go see them for further information)

3. Rcmd.
Puss in Boots Set
Easter Treasure Box
Gold Dart of Luck
Warp Crystal

4. Bug Fix
1. Certain titles learn rate is now fixed
2. El Anoir Mt, Sky command Crash Site maps have been fixed
3. Korean texts in the guild room has been fixed

5. Misc Update
1. Quest for the Ring of Strength event date is extended to 4/25.

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