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BoredomKillz 12-01-2011 11:40 PM

LaTale - Flurry of Events

01. Advanced Welcome Back Event
When :12/1- 01/04
Details:Sometimes it can be hard to get back into a game after being out for a while, and that is why we’re offering a powerful, and free ring to let you come back with a bang!

Have a character that was at least level 10, and had not logged in for 60 days (or more) prior to the event (11/03).
Log in during the event with that character to be eligible for the Prize!
Wait till the date of Prize of award and you’ll be rocking your new Welcome Ringx1 and Prime XP Holy Water x2

Participation Prize Welcome Ring x1
Prime XP Holy Water x2

Date of Prize award:01/13

02. Make a Wish Event

When:12/1 - 12/14
Details:Tis the season for giving, and here in LaTale we are feeling in a giving mood. This holiday season we’ll be offering a chance for our players to share their wishes, and we’ll be handing out some of those wishes!

1. Post a wish in the appropriate forum contest thread for Make A Wish Event
2. Wish must be LaTale related, and can be any item in game.
3. Wishes must be within reasons. We will be unable to hand out +20 Coliseum weapons or +11 Valkyrie weapons as an example.
4. We will be picking at random, multiple users to have their wish granted!

Additional Detail: The prize will be awarded to a lucky 200 users.

Grand Prize
Your Wish

Date of Prize Award: 12/26

03. Your Christmas Tale
When:12/1- 01/04
Details:A chance to really shine this holiday season. We want to hear some of the creative ideas you got kicking around for a video. Show us Your Christmas Tale in a video, and feel free to get creative with it using in game footage.

Record and compose a ingame video of LaTale up to 1 minute in length
Upload the video to youtube.
Link the video from youtube to the provided forum thread in the Contest section

Participation Prize
Gold Dart of Luck x5
Grand Prize
Sirop Coupon x1

Date of Prize Award: 01/13

04. La Chef : Third Course
When:12/1- 01/04
Details:We’re back again bringing out another cooking contest for our players. With that we are proud to present the third installment of the La Chef event! We want to open up the possibilities this season to include items that are not specifically in game. You are allowed to select and cook anything from the list of examples. Just cook the best one you can and take photos of the food/progress and show off the appetizing meal you created! Check out the rules below for the detailed guide.

Cook the following listed in-game food items in real life. (Cook the best one you can)
Take a photo of your self- made food, any steps it took to get there and upload it into the contest thread by “Image Shack”.
For those who provide a photo of the food and as well as a cooking guide, you can expect better rewards.
Prizes will be handed out by 12/09.

Cook the following in-game food items in real life

Stuffing: Stuffing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Roasted Turkey
Baked Potato : Baked potato - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eggnog (no Alcohol) : Eggnog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Participation Prize
Gold Dart of Luck x5
Participation Prize+ Cooking Guide
Toma’s Fashion Coupon x1
Grand Prize
Prime LaDeck Capsule x5, Toma’s Fashion Coupon x2

Date of Prize Award: 01/13

05. Engineer PvP Guide
When: 12/1- 01/04
1. Create a guide for any Engineer Sub Class for PvP. This can include Engineer, Meister, Engistar, or Star Finder, ect.
2. Make sure to include information like stat building, techniques, weapon selection, pros, cons, and other information to help flesh out
3. Post it in the forum topic regarding it.
Participation Prize- Gold Dart of Luck x1
Grand Prizes:Astro Pet of Choice
Date of Prize award- 01/13

06. Race To level 120
When: 12/1- 01/04
1. During the event period , create a brand new character.

2. Race to Level them within the event period.

3. Obtain the last prize, and you get all the prizes!

Participation Prize:
Level 15 : Peach Can x5
Level 40 : Weak Special Weapon Coupon
Level 60 : Critical Ring (30 days)
Level 80 : Rudolph Egg (Lv. 1)
Level 120 : Toma’s Fashion Coupon

Date of Prize award: 01/13

07. Double IDR/XP Event
When: 12/01~12/14
Details :
1. Log in during Saturday/Sunday between either 10:00 – 12:00 or 16:00 – 18:00 OGPTime (Pacific Standard Time), and receive 2x bonus Item Drop Rate, and Experience Points.

08. Number 1 Club
When: 12/01~12/14
Details :
1. Post a screenshot of you winng the 1stplace LaDeck prize. (Must have won 1st place LaDeck between the date of 11/03~11/16)
2. Post screenshot in the forum post in the contest section.
3. GM will review it and send you message through the forum private message.
4. Please show up at the location where the GM informed you to.

P.S- There will be a conflict to make an appointment with players, so GM will ask twice to show up in the location that asked to players. Please be showed up otherwise you will not be eligible for receiving 15x Gold Dart of Luck.
Participation Prize : Gold Dart of Luck x15
Date of Prize award: 12/23

09. Win Ladeck, Win again!
When: 12/01~12/14
Details :
1. Purchase either 10, 20, or 40 darts during the event period.
2. You will receive either 1, 2, or 4 darts as a prize, and be entered for a chance at the grand prize!
Purchase Receive
Gold Dart of Luck x10 Gold Dart of Luck x1
Gold Dart of Luck x20 Gold Dart of Luck x2
Gold Dart of Luck x30 Gold Dart of Luck x3
Gold Dart of Luck x40 Gold Dart of Luck x4

Date of Prize award: 12/23

10. Comic Comedy Contest
Event Period: 12/01~12/14
How to Participate
You and a friend write a script for and draw a short comic somehow related to La Tale or people you know from La Tale and post it on a art site, or on facebook. Link, or give a link to a image showing the image.
Participation Prize–Gold Darts of Luck x4
Grand Prize– Astro Pet of Choice
Date of Prize award- 12/23

11. Funniest Caption Contest
When: 12/01~12/14
Details :
1. Copy the provided image to your computer
2. Open it up in a image editing software (photoshop, paint, ect), and add your own funny caption.
3. Upload the image to any image hosting site (photobucket, tinypic, ect). And link the image in the forum thread!

Participation Prize : Peach Can x1
Grand Prize: Astro Pet of your Choice
Date of Prize award: 12/23

BoredomKillz 12-01-2011 11:41 PM

stuff in new lolbox


0.2% [Holy Water Box] received.
0.1% [Husky Coupon] received.
0.8% [Epic Armor Coupon] received.
0.8% [Blacksmith's Coupon] received.
0.05% [Coliseum's Desire Coupon] received.
1% [Gold Pig Coupon] received.
6% [Channel Megaphone] x2 received.
3% [Server Megaphone] received.
8% [IR Transporter] x2 received.
4% [Enchant Remedy] received.
1% [Advanced Enchant Remedy] received.
20% [Peach Can] x2 received.
1.5% [Prime XP Potion] received.
0.5% [Brownie Coupon] received.
0.5% [Bundle of Love] received.
12% [Enhanced Item Nostrum] received.
9.3% [Lv. 1~5 Super Puzzle Coupon] x4 received.
9.25% [Lv. 6~10 Super Puzzle Coupon] x4 received.
10% [Purchase God Guidebook] x10 received.
10% [Purchase King Guidebook] x10 received.
2% [Fancy Box] received.

also on a random note, anyone know if there are any new quests added to the game? (aside from el anoir mountain xD(even though thats not really new lol))

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