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06-22-2009   #21 (permalink)
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I've been a support hybrid since before the patch, meaning I've had max revival and party MP recovery even when their use was pathetic.

Still, as things stand right now, I generally have no problem keeping a party alive if they are somewhat competent. If I had the RB heal (Not that I ever will because RB fails) I can see myself being a complete stand in for Eirs during your typical 4 person party. Far as raids go, Eir won't be replaced by Kriegs anytime soon as a lot more deaths occur far more rapidly in those than anywhere else.

Overall though, Krieg really can be quite the support character now. If you deposit points into RB heal, you can max Party HP recovery without any issues at all. RB heal can be used without sacrificing HP which means you'll never get yourself stuck at 0. I plan on maxing Party HP recovery but it won't be maxed until I am level 85 so it's going to be a long time. As it is right now, the HP cost to HP gained ratio is very much low enough to warrant getting this skill higher up. I use this skill every time it is off cooldown as a nice AoE heal to my party-- at max, I can foresee it being a amazing skill both for fake ressing and party HP management as well overall survival.
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09-12-2009   #22 (permalink)
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I have a stage Krieg who's build is abit between powerhealing and damaging.

I maxed hp recovery AND rebirth revival AND revival.
This ensures that I have 3 heals to deal with in the event the party lacks an Eir ( which is like 90% of the time ).

Speaking of Hp cost for hp-recovery, I feel that if you are good enough, you can simply chuck a true revival in when your hp is 0, instead of hp-recovery.

Hp recovery to me would be Eir's sunlight of healing but with 30s cooldown.
30s isnt alot, unless you're talking about a team of LIMES which I had a hard time with. And, it's faster than Sunlight of Healing. Also with a whopping 100 range. Cool to max, or leaving it at 1. But 0 is a no-no.

True revival can be maxed, its there for myth lol.

Next, revival can be left at 1 to fake-ress, or maximise the effect at max after clearing a miniboss(es). No problem, except its harder to aim.

Okay, heres my veridict on Comet VS SuperStrength.

Comet: can air-combo.
SS: Ground type, can't air combo EASILY.

Comet: 15s cd.
SS: 30s cd.

SS deals slightly more damage than Comet.

Range of effect
Comet: Semi-circle in front of Krieg
SS: All around the radius + abit of range of Krieg

Comet: Easily dashable after attack
SS: Cannot dash cancel, leaves Krieg vulnerable to attacks for 1 second( 1 second is enough)

MP consumption
Comet needs less MP than Super Strength.

Summary on heal
Add what you like, but if you go my way nothing would go wrong, I'm sure.

Summary on C VS SS
I would say Comet owns SS, due to its versatility. (combo, dash away, lesser mp consumption). But SS would be better for dispersing lackeys which are scattered.
Comet: 9/10
09-16-2009   #23 (permalink)
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Comet hits in a line perpendicular to where you use it so


about that range lol. its pretty wide too.

I always thought that maxing RB heal was mainly for soloing purposes
09-17-2009   #24 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Lurker
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MidenD is on a distinguished road

lol! its nearly a semicircle for me, so yeah, unless i can get more data on it i dont know the EXACT range, and perpendicular seems like equal to semicircle already? = similar to dfist, except less wide?


hmm, still think so, lol.
10-09-2009   #25 (permalink)
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WoodyFruity is on a distinguished road

I like SS more than Comet :/ I run out of MP like it's nothing on Comet maxed. It's one of those Strong and Fast skills that is Irrisistable when CD is gone, But hurts you. Doesnt matter to me, because I Max them Both(: (Talking about PVP) SS, Then 1000 Ton Pendu is Perfect into a combo resetter ending with Comet.


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