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ginshinto 03-14-2009 09:08 AM

Sassafrass' Fully Comprehensible Krieg Guide
Edit: 3/22/2010 A YEAR AFTER MAKING THIS GUIDE. Well almost, anyway. Most of this is super outdated but I can't be bothered to change it just yet. I'll wait until the Krieg superbuff patch comes out and fix everything then. Sorry guys! Krieg on!

Welcome to my Krieg guide. This should give a basic idea of what to raise and what to avoid. Obviously I have issues [Max revival] so a word-for-word interpretation is probably not too wise. Just use it as a reference when creating your own lil Kriggle. ^-^
Note: I am not a combo'er! I will state which skills are good only as combo skills but I cannot say how. >_>

First off, allow me to describe Krieg. He is meant to be a paladin, a hybrid support/damage class. Now this separates him greatly from all of the other classes on Lunia. Every level up he receives a superior amount of vit compared to any other class, giving him more HP and making a class suitable for tanking.

A lot of Kriegs I see on GLunia seem to be confused as to his role. Krieg should be the first in the fray, causing massive damage and taking aggro while his party helps attack from around the mob. He can withstand huge amounts of damage, so don't worry about running in there and wreaking havoc. He also tends to get in the way of other people's combos, so watch out when fighting, and be wary when attacking, due to his AOE skills.

A few useful things to use when playing as Krieg:
Dash S: Krieg shoots forward feet-first, smashing into enemies and hitting twice. If you hit A after connecting with an enemy, he will spin up and slam into his enemies. Good for hurling into mobs or bosses.
When slowed, the range on this is cut, so it's better to move with DASH - A- S - S - S continue to move. [Such as at Cobolt raid where it's the ant lion traps.]
NOTE: This has hard knockdown on the second in-air hit, so it can be used for a variety of stages such as checking shadow beast clones or stopping Rigel's healing.

Dash A - S - S - S [continue pressing S]: Krieg slams forward with one shoulder, then the other, continuing this until you either press A to spin his hammers or just plain stop. Each time will carry him forward a considerable distance, so it can be good for charging in and out of mobs as well.

S: Just hitting S will deduct a small set percent of HP and start an animation where Krieg stands there, shaking. He will be invulnerable to damage during this time, but at the cost of his own HP. His HP lowers rather drastically after the first % of HP is taken away. If you stay in this pose down to 0 HP you will die. Many Kriegs lament this skill, for it can cause suicide with unwary S hitters. AN HERO.

Using S as a counter: When being attacked, pressing S will throw up a cloud of purple smoke and Krieg will lose some damage instead of the damage he was going to find himself taking. THIS WORKS WITH 0 HP. However, it also takes MP, so if you're out of both don't try to use it.

Krieg's stats. [ Note: Possible discrepancy here. As you level the stat increase also grows to keep up with you. Keep that in mind! :x ]

Krieg base stats at Level 1:
HP: 125
MP: 40
Strength: 24
Dexterity: 12
Vitality: 25
Intelligence: 8
Damage: 8~9

Stats received after Level Up:
STR: +3
DEX: +3
VIT: +2
INT: +2
Min. DMG: +1
Max. DMG: +1
HP: +10
Mana: +10

And onto skills! ^-^

Here's my build on the Skillcalc [Level 65]: ƒƒ‹‚ˆ˜€€‚‚*ƒ‚ƒŸƒƒƒ‚

Krieg has five skill tabs: Power, Tactical [misspelled Tatical in Global], Will, Bless, and Ability.

THEY ARE ORGANIZED AS SUCH: Picture [if available] Name: Level the skill is first obtainable; "Lunia's description"
My description
Skill level: What level I think it should be

Power Repulse: Level 1. "Hits enemies continually by making a dash at them."
Krieg sticks a hammer out to either side of his body and rushes forward, pulling monsters along with him. This skill has low damage, and while semi useful for mob bombing, in general it's not a very good skill.
Skill level: 0, 1 Physical Strength: Level 1. "Krieg swings his two hammers forward."
Krieg swings one hammer, then the other, both hits capable of launching enemies into an air combo. Useful for chaining combos? As the level goes up, the airtime goes up. Further levels can make it too high for comboing, so appropriate levels would be between 4 and 6.
Skill level: 0, 4-6 Force: Level 3. "Hits an enemy three times with a hammer. Third time stuns enemy."
Now I'm ashamed to say I haven't even tried this skill, so when I do I'll put some info here. Suffice to say I've never seen a Krieg use it. NEVER.
Skill level: Still evaluating

Edit: I've gotten helpful info from Zinc210 on this skill, here are his thoughts:
"About the Force skill, I've been raising it and it's a nice skill. Not as powerful as, say, divine force, but its damage is distributed between 3 hits. Plus the last hit stuns (and is pretty wide) so it's good for 1 point.

Also, pressing space bar twice after the third hit makes Krieg do 2 attacks (second has AoE) with similar animation to Divine Force's last 2 hits (he uses only 1 hammer). They don't hit downed enemies like DF, but each does damage equal to Krieg's entire damage range so Force can generally mean 5 hits, first 3 based on the skill and last 2 based on your damage range... so that's why I like it (not sure if i want to max it after RB tho)"
Skill level: 0, 1 Super Strength: Level 3. "Krieg jumps forward, smashing everyone up into the end."
The skill every single Krieg will recommend. Krieg rushes forward, and smacks enemies into the air. Will work on stacked monsters, but its range is severely limited otherwise. High damage output and an airtoss. Max.
Skill level: Max Divine Force: Level 8. "Wields four attacks to the enemy in front. Fourth attack is concentrated."
This skill, if I remember correctly, has Krieg slam forward with one hammer, the two hits are very weak but hit often, and the last two hits are far more powerful but miss and can be canceled easily. :x I kept this at 0, but if you have good aim, it's probably worth maxing.
Skill level: 0, 1, Max

Tactical Disturbance: Level 3. "Lays a reverse curse on enemies."
Krieg jumps up and comes down, laying a control switch curse on his enemies. Not very effective against AI, the only redeeming quality is that it has IF's at the beginning. The IF's are there from the beginning, so good for escaping mobs. The only downside is that the taunt is NOT CANCEL ABLE. So don't use if it'll put you in more danger than where you started.
Skill level: 1, Max for 12 second control switch, not suggested for Full stage Kriegs 1000 Ton Pendulum: Level 10. "4 combo skill, the last two deliver the most damage."
Now this skill's damage is based off of percents. Krieg slams forward, hitting the enemy into the air, then rushes and slams the enemy into the ground twice. The last two hits rarely connect, and damage is very unstable. The first two hits are apparently good for combo starters, so.
Skill level: 0, 1 Revival: Level 11. "Krieg creates a small magic circle and anyone who stands on it receives health."
So, this skill is tricksy but useful. Krieg slams his hammer on the ground, using both HP and MP to create a small golden pentagram circle. Anyone who stands on this will recieve 6 heals, if they're on it from the start. Now the more people on the circle, the more people gain HP. So one person on the circle, at level 1, will get 15 hp 6 times. Very sub par. But if you're in a stage and all four people are on the circle, the circle will heal 15x4x6. Much better. Also can be used for fake res, just slam it on the downed person and run across it as it heals. Good for a support or hybrid Krieg.
Skill level: 0, 1, Max Party HP Recovery: Level 14. "Krieg sacrifices a bit of his HP and MP to heal everyone around him including himself."
You gain less than half the HP used back, so not very worth it as far as healing goes. The only plus it has going for it is that it can fake res, which is nice when your healer goes down. Has equal range to Eir's Emergency Heal skill, which is pretty darn large. Level 1 for fake res'ing.
Skill level: 1 Adamantine F.[Fire] Bolt: Level 20. "Knocks enemies down who are far away from you by throwing his hammer."
Krieg throws a hammer of light forward, which can hit and stun one enemy. After throwing, he does a taunt animation, which can throw off an attack follow up. The taunt is dash cancel able, however, so not too much of a problem. Contrary to the description the enemy doesn't fall down. Doesn't work on a majority of bosses, so fairly useless, but can be good on annoying monsters.
Skill level: 0, 1 Fire Crush: Level 24. "Strike down the floor with a high jump to slow down enemies."
Krieg spins up into the air, slamming down with both hammers and cracking the ground. Simply amazing AOE skill. The slowing effect is almost unnoticeable, but just to be able to slam down into mobs with its high damage is quite satisfying. Can be canceled at the very beginning but has IF's when Krieg is airborne and coming down. After landing, Krieg will start a taunt animation and says "You can be the highest level in the world if you try hard." Taunt is dash cancel able.
Skill level: 1, Max Hammer Scratch: Level 28. "Kicks up cloud of dust by scratching the ground with a hammer. Enemy will be blind for a while."
Krieg scratches his hammer along the ground kicking up a cloud of dust that hits an opponent. There are many varying opinions on this, but in my opinion it's a good skill. Might not be worth maxing, however, so see how you feel about it ~Level 9.
"A smattering of Shattering" - Mediocrity AKA Sergeant Peenpalmer
Skill level: 0, 2 [necessary for any range at all], Max

Will Hammer Blast: Level 32. "Krieg spins his hammers extremely fast in front of him as he runs."
Krieg whirls both hammers, slamming into enemies in front of him and carrying them forward. This also hits them into the air, so good for combos. The final hit has hard knockdown, so keep that in mind. The damage increase per level is rather lacking, so level 1 unless you're truly in love with the skill. But at least level 1 is a must.
Skill level: 1 Violent Whirlwind: Level 36. "Lift both hammers and spin like a tornado."
This skill is fun to use on tossable monsters. Krieg lashes out with his hammers, doing a very small AOE attack around him and tossing any monsters in range up, then spins his hammers and carries them forward with him. Highest AC I've gotten with this skill is 9, with 8 being the average. The last 3-4 hits are incredibly powerful due to comboing, but they must be in the air to recieve the full effect. The final hit also has hard knockdown. Damage increase per level is again not too great, but might be worth maxing. I keep it at 1.
Skill level: 1 100 Ton Fire Comet: Level 41. "Krieg shifts forward, hitting hard with his shoulder."
Krieg shoves his shoulder forward, hitting for pretty good damage. Comparable to Sieg's d-fist except Krieg's d-shoulder has a FIFTEEN SECOND CD. How far forward he goes can be misleading, so be close when using this skill. Hard knockdown. Good for nuking bosses, and in general a good skill. Becomes a semi-projectile at later levels. Max.
Skill level: Max Hammer Boomerang: Level 52. "Krieg throws both of his hammers forward, before rushing forward, knocking down anyone in front of him."
Now this skill is very odd. Krieg tosses his hammers in an arc in front of him, but they get thrown slightly to the sides. Better for mobbing or large bosses than single opponents. Fairly strong damage, and pressing space after he stomps will make him hit the opponent with each hammer again then spin his hammers. At level 68 the damage is /doubled/, so maybe saving up skill points and dumping them in at that level would be wise.
Skill level: 1, Max at 68 [Double damage] Vehement Transformation: Level 60. "Transforms into a strong man by using the power of the Dark God."
His level 60 skill, and an odd one for sure. Krieg raises his arms and his physical appearance changes. He's in his Batka monk clothes and has writhing shadow dragons creating an aura around him. He cannot use skills when transformed, but his damage at level 1 is 200% more than normal, making this an excellent attack form. The first level is a 20 second transform, with each level adding 5 seconds to the transformation, and from level 1-2 the damage percent is changed from 200% to 209%. I assume this keeps growing, so might be worth leveling, even if just for longer transform time. He also has "Super Armor" similar to many of Lime's transformations. He can't be knocked down except for a hard knockdown, but can still be stunned. Any attack that takes your HP down to 0 instantly will kill you, so you have to be careful.
IMPORTANT NOTE I FORGOT TO MENTION: [Thanks Aquarius] When you transform you gain 5 HP back. This means you could pick up an apple and heal yourself or use a potion at the cost of xform cool down. If you're poisoned, don't try this, because you'll die instantly after transforming.
Skill level: Max

Bless Mana Recovery: Level 4. "Fill up his mana."
Krieg sacrifices both HP and MP to gain more MP back. This happens in three hits, at level 1 10-10-25 mana healed, and the cost is HP and MP - 16. After level 1, you have to use reagents, which is stinky. Sub par mana heal skill should stay at level 0 or 1 if you like wasting skill points.
Skill level: 0 Party MP Recovery: Level 14. "Summon 10 magic circles that can fill mana."
Okay, so Krieg shoots forth four blue circles in an arc, and when someone steps into it, it will heal mana eight times, at level 1 this is 15 mana each heal. This skill is hardly worth leveling and astoundingly useless when leveled. Also uses a massive amount of reagents. Has a low CD, but it's just a terrible skill. Level 1 if only to provide emergency mana recovery. If your skill build is sparse for points leave it alone.
Skill level: 0, 1

Minimize Party Dmg [Damage]: Level 24. "Cast a damage minimization effect on party member."
Like the buff for increased phys. defense, but castable on the whole party. A lacking skill by any means, leave at 0.
Skill level: 0

Party Magic Defense: Level 34. "Cast a magic effect spell on party member."
So this is Sieg's m.def skill, but for the whole party. I haven't tried it, but it does seem useful. If you get it I would assume it should be maxed? Vague description, I'll try it out and post back.
Skill level: 0, 4, 8 [Thanks Imported_John]

Ability Increase Health: Level 7. Increase your HP. Krieg is a tank, this is obveeuhs. Max.
Skill level: Max Deadly Blow: Level 9. Increases the chance you'll land a critical attack. Level 1 for crit hits.
Skill level: 1 Mana Increase: Level 30. Yuck. Don't touch this unless you're a masochist. Hardly adds any mana per level and Kriegs mana recover is superb.
Skill level: 0 Mana Recovery: Level 8. This keeps Krieg in business mana wise. Max.
Skill level: Max Minimize the Damage: Level 20. Subtracts damage Krieg takes. First level minimizes it by 10%. Might be worth it, but doesn't seem like it.
Skill level: 0, Max

Now the fun skills.

New Fire Crush: Level 1 Rebirth level 1. "Leap into the sky and hit the ground to create a powerful shock that throws enemies into the sky."
An amazingly fun skill, one of my favorites of Krieg's. He launches into the air, flips down and slams enemies very high up into the air. The biggest launch skill I've seen on Lunia. Good damage, but the slow curse runs out while they're in the air. Maxmaxmax.
Skill level: Max

New Hammer Blast: Level 1 Rebirth level 1. "Charges into the enemies and throw hammer to sweep away."
Krieg does his hammer blast then throws spinning energy hammers ahead of him to carry on the air combo. Lovely skill, I've actually taken to maxing it but you can leave it at level 1.
Skill level: 1, Max

New Vehement Transformation: Level 1 Rebirth level 1. "Transforms into a strong man by using the power of the Dark God."
Krieg transforms into a GIGANTIC demonic form. Literally, he's as big as the Rotem Guardian if not bigger. It's amazing. Leveling up will increase transform time by 5 seconds each time but not damage boost, so cap when the transformation is at 60 seconds and work on his level 60 Vehement transformation.
Skill level: 9

I'll definitely still be editing this as time goes on, and answering any questions that arise. Thanks for reading and I hope this helped.

Bum AKA MangoMan - Help with skills and motivating me to write this, as well as everything else [vague thanks]
Mediocrity AKA Sergeant Peenpalmer - General help and moral support
Mengjun - Clearing up discrepancies with Hammer Scratch, stat points earned per level, Physical Strength, Boomerang, and Disturbance
Aquarius AKA Gravitas - Superb help with general improvisations to skills, more on Krieg, and fantastic advice
Imported_John - Clarifying party M.Def, Boomerang, and adding insight to Force
Zinc210 - Clearing up Force
Mivehind - The guild that started it all

Not to be used except on the MyMMO forums unless with my permission.

Hooker 03-14-2009 10:42 AM

Nicely done and well written. Thanks for this guide.
You never mentioned him not being a team player though. Silly kriggles.

Mengjun 03-16-2009 02:34 AM

First about the stat points per level up: I strongly have the impression that those figures aren't exactly right. You'll get the right impression if you average over 10 levels (say compare level 1 and 11).

Strongly disagree with Physical Strength being kept at one at most; the height the finishing hit launches increases per level. So its comboing ability increases along with it. Though it tends to throw your enemy too high when the level's really high, I'd say I'd recommend anywhere between 4 and 6.

Hammer Scratch is 10 (ten!) hits, making it a very worthwhile skill. Okay, you can't always get all 10 hits in, but more often than not, I can get at least 8 hits in. Plus, at high level, it transforms into a very long range skill (135!). Max it!

Vehement Transformation's power grows 10% per level, on average. So yea, like you said, definitely worth leveling.

For the rest, a very solid guide! Keep the good work up!

imported_john 03-20-2009 01:41 PM

Physical Strength can be maxed too.

Whirlwind and Boomerang maxed for stages.

Force is awesome ok, level 1 at least.

And imo 0, 4, 8 for Party MDef. 4 because it only costs 1 pearl and 1 rope, anything past that = more reagents.

I think scratch has to be at least level 2 to do some decent combos with it

Also ive always wondered: max disturbance = more time for control switch or no?

Mengjun 03-20-2009 02:47 PM

Physical Strength *can* be maxed, yes, but its damage output is somewhat lacking and it is just plain annoying to combo with. It does allow you to actually let the spacebar-followup connect in mid-air though.

Whirlwind seems to me like its subject to preference. Maxed Whirlwind does do nice damage, but in order to get all the hits in, you'd have to be in contact with the enemy for a pretty long time. Usually unflinchable mobs don't give you that amount of time. Of course, it's great against comboable enemies, but they get increasingly rare as you progress through the game.

Also, the reason to max Boomerang, is that it gets a really noticable damage boost at lv 68, doubling its damage.

According to the latest skill calculator, Disturbance gains a second of side-effect per level, so 12 secs when maxed.

Zinc210 03-20-2009 03:34 PM

Very nice guide, helps a lot for some of my plans with krieg.

About the Force skill, I've been raising it and it's a nice skill. Not as powerful as, say, divine force, but its damage is distributed between 3 hits. Plus the last hit stuns (and is pretty wide) so it's good for 1 point.

Also, pressing space bar twice after the third hit makes Krieg do 2 attacks (second has AoE) with similar animation to Divine Force's last 2 hits (he uses only 1 hammer). They don't hit downed enemies like DF, but each does damage equal to Krieg's entire damage range so Force can generally mean 5 hits, first 3 based on the skill and last 2 based on your damage range... so that's why I like it (not sure if i want to max it after RB tho):py05:

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