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SilverCosmos 09-22-2009 07:51 PM

Cosmos' application
Game to which you are applying: LaTale
IGN of character that you wish to join with: Topaz
Level: 42

IGN of other characters you have: Verdelite, Adularia
What other guilds/games are you a part of?: None
Which guilds, if any, were you a part of previously?: Royalty, FrenchBread
Do you have any guilds/other players that have a grudge against you?: God I hope not.

Activity in-game (roughly how much time you spend on the game): An hour or two, maybe more depending on how much time I have.

Activity on the forums: Active enough. :D
Time zone: Central
Status (school/work/other): No school/work/etc...

How did you hear about Kirameki?: The forum boards, surfing through.
Why do you want to join Kirameki?: I want to join an active friendly guild, people that I can level with and the like.

What does joining a guild mean to you?: Friendship of course!

What is the most enjoyable thing about MMOs?: Meeting new people.
Please summarize your previous MMORPG experiences: I played Cabal online for a while, before it got strange. I've played Dragonica Online too.

What are some things that Kirameki can do to make the guild and game more enjoyable for you?: Prize giveaways, group leveling excursions?

Jeo 09-25-2009 07:35 PM

Well, we're kind of inactive in LT at the moment. If you see anyone in-game ask him/her to add you to the guild.

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