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Roukuro 09-16-2010 08:47 PM

Kirameki Mabinogi branch
Hello everyone,

I'm Roukuro and in the far far past (about 2 years ago) i was given leader ship of the not so well known mabinogi branch of Kirameki. My Ign there is also Roukuro and this branch currently has about 10-20 active members with about 7-12 usually on at one time. I have been playing mabinogi since the open beta and was recruited into kirameki through a merger between it and another guild.

I joined Kirameki truly because of the merger but stayed and watched it grow because of my emotional connection to it. It was with great enthusiasm that i participated in helping the guild grow under my short but memorable tutelage with Leara. I grew to love the guild just like family, and have recruited members who i belive fit right in with the Kirameki mission statement.

My job has just been taking care of the mabinogi branch which i have been entrusted but aside from that, I try to cultivate relationships with the members i have. I form bonds with the members i have and help them to grow as people as well as in game. It is with great pride that I dungeon and play along side them because i have watched them grow and genuinely have fun with them.

The guild itself is rather small at the moment but even so we are close knit and share many experiences. We are comprised mostly of anime and game loving people and enjoy guild chat much the way you'd enjoy a nice visit from friends.

I am happy to finally meet the members from other branches and am honored and proud to join these forums. I will encourage my members to join as well so we can all have fun together. Thank you and i hope we all have a wonderful time from now on.

(please excuse any mistakes i may have made and please advise me on what i may have left out, i am not very used to forums myself, thank you)

Leara 09-16-2010 09:02 PM

Welcome Roukuro! Glad you could make it. Please invite all Mabinogi guild members to join ggFTW and you can approve their membership applications.

If you have any questions, you know how to find me.

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