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Badoink 12-25-2009 12:30 PM

I'm back! Muahahahahahaha!!
Ladies and gentlemen.... children of all ages... it's the moment you all have been waiting for.. the one.. the amazing... the ultimate loser.. Badoink is back!

That's right... i'm back! Hahahahahahaha!!! Wait... my characters are gone?!! Darn, I'll need to create new characters... Hmm... ah, the names Vegabane and TheNightmareSG come to mind. Vegabane is a warrior and my current active, TheNightmareSG is an explorer and currently inactive.

I have been looking for anyone in Kirameki.. yet I can not find anyone. it's so cold in LaTale without you guys. Don't worry, I'll find you guys... one day! I know you are still there, I see you are number 54 on the leader boards.

I look forward to playing with you guys again, see you later!

Have fun!

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