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NoeJeko 08-02-2008 11:44 AM

Kirameki Members List
The revival of the Kirameki Members List, now with new games ^_^

Global Division
Leader: Leara
Leader: NoeJeko

LaTale Division
Leader: NoeJeko (IGN: NoeJeko)
Sub-Leader: Jeo (IGN: Jeony)
Sub-Leader: Skwie (IGN: Skwie)
Sub-Leader: aBstraCt (IGN: Nyuu)
Raja (IGN: Lunar)
Bob (IGN: Bobchan)
Theosis (IGN: Theos)
Luciane (IGN: Michelle)
Andz (IGN: Banana)
Freezi (IGN: Freezi)
Ryushi (IGN: Ryushi)
LiquidAlucard (IGN: LiquidAlucard)
Linduh (IGN: Linduh)
cowboy007 (IGN: Monkfish)
Faith (IGN: EpicFail)
Sodacan (IGN: Sodacan)
Pharoe (IGN: Pharoe)
Sarasa (IGN: MizukiChan)
Kiara (IGN: Kiara)
Qooo (IGN: Qoo)
Pho (IGN: Pho)
Haru (IGN: Haroo)
Fatso (IGN: Fatso and OnlineBabe)
Creed (IGN: Creed)
Cease (IGN: Cease)
Kireweiss (IGN: Kireweiss)
xdgr (IGN: xdgr)
Badoink (IGN: Revandunde)
Sephiroth (IGN: LeArc)
citrustang (IGN: Citrustang)

LaTale Unconfirmed/Waiting List
Adun (IGN: Adun)
Haru (IGN: -idunno-)
KenYamato (IGN: -idunno-)
Azrinth (IGN: Bea?)
Znake (IGN: Znake)

Trickster Division
Leader: NoeJeko (IGN: NoeJeko)
Valtiel (IGN: Vith)
BloodVeil (IGN: BloodVeil)
ghost town here .... ;-;

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