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Zephy 09-10-2008 05:29 PM

JW Memory Page
Just post all your most memorable JW screenshots, here.

/searches folder. =[

Henreh 09-10-2008 05:33 PM

it's all on my old comp ;_____;

/raid MT
/raid K0ns youtube account
/raid your pants

gd did they change youtube codes .__.

this is what I found :X

Fun Fact of [JW]
* The guild was originally intended to be called "4PORN!" until I found out in JTO your name can only be under the guild name. (It was suppose to read as <insert name> FOR PORN!, but 4PORN! <insert name> didn't sound right).

* The guild replacement name was chosen, but I kept the name secretive (due to the fact that are assholes that steal your names) and naming it "The Nameless Guild".

* The guild forum was composed of several websites, but resided here since the admin of TricksterMart was an asshole.

* The name was originally suppose to be spelled out but the 10 character limit screwed it up.

Ah, I miss the old times of being confused like the rest of crowed, lol.

Drunk Svennz

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