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09-16-2010   #21 (permalink)
ggFTW Stalker
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La TaleMapleStoryRunescapeElsword
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IGN: Patchouli
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well, what kind of anime are you looking for?

if you want popular shounen, definatley pick up One Piece, the other 2 of the lolshounentrinity are fail(well bleach anyways, naruto is decent now)

a good shoujo is everything i already posted.

maybe something new? try Highschool of The Dead or K-On's 1st season
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09-17-2010   #22 (permalink)
ggFTW Lurker
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I really couldn't put up a list like almost everyone else, so I'll just say this...

Gintama, Nagasarete Airantou and Goodbye Mr. Despair.
09-27-2010   #23 (permalink)
ggFTW Lurker
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Bybee is on a distinguished road

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0- Very depressing.
Letter Bee
09-27-2010   #24 (permalink)
Guild Leader
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I have wayy tooo many to list. >.<
09-28-2010   #25 (permalink)
ggFTW Lurker
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ScooterMan is on a distinguished road

Avatar the last airbender(the cartoon not the lame movie)
Full metal alchmest
Dragon ball and Dragon ball Z
i sorta like Bleach

i dont watch anime all that much because its hard for me to stick with a series except Digimon, i watched all them and Avatar the last airbender
10-03-2010   #26 (permalink)
ggFTW Regular
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Dork will become famous soon enoughDork will become famous soon enough
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IGN: NumberTen
Class: Templar lt_templar
Level: 12x
Guild: Infiniti

D. Gray Man - I absolutely loved this anime!

Hitman Reborn - I loved this, but sadly they stopped the manga of it. Well the scans and yadayadayada.

Those 2 are anime's are really amazing and i loved itttt. D
10-06-2010   #27 (permalink)
ggFTW Regular
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La Tale
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Guild: Infiniti

Even its not wanted...the ones i am watching atm are only bleach, naruto and Dragonball Kai.

Which i started with at the very beginning was Kenshin/Samurai X no idea what u may know it as.
I watched DeathNote also and loved it and still do! Theres nothing compared imo to this one!
FairyTale i started..but didnt get to watch completely since i got bored after like 20-25 eps.
SoulEater...xXTsubakiXx (more to say??) very nice one!
ElfenLied!! BruteForce splatter anime action which i loved watching(while others told me to puke cuz of SO much blood loool)
Love Hina xD yea i'm a Guy and watched it..and really liked the story base of it...reminds me of myself >.<

I bet theres way more i watched, but atm theres not much more in my mind to remember...may be cuz a night without sleep but work...needa shower and then go sleep now xD
10-08-2010   #28 (permalink)
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La TaleAngels OnlineAuditionDofus
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Aubree will become famous soon enoughAubree will become famous soon enough

^ lolol so you pimpin'?


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