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Seru 07-25-2012 08:48 PM

Imminent Recruitment Thread
This thread is for anyone who wants to join the guild. They can post here, also if anyone contacts you and Isendril and myself (and future officers) are not on please send them to this thread.

Format to follow (subject to change at any time)

Main classes:
Past guild/current guild:
Reason for wanting to join Imminent:
Date for gear check:

ilondo3 09-06-2012 08:06 AM

Looking for guild
Hello there:)My ingame name is Chicholina,and i am lv 67 atm.My main classes are cleric and martial artist,working on lv up other classes as well.So far I was in Emperor,Starbright for very short time and ForbidenOnes.Guildless atm.The reson to leave this guld was becouse they are inactive.
I don't like to do trials and dungeons with random teams,i like to know my team,also I am tired from this*I click need by mistake*.Well in short,if you are active and need a healing hand I would love to join your guild.

Jeniko 10-26-2012 11:38 PM

IGN: Jeniko
Level: 69 (75%)
Main classes: Mage/Illu
Past guild/current guild: Animus/iNoob
Reason for wanting to join Imminent: Bored with iNoob, i just need more mature players to play with. No problem with iNoob though :py05:
Date for gear check: Serpentine+10 and Galaxy Set 'till i'm 70. Around 52.5k mAtk, 76k proced.

More about me:
Hi there, i'm Jeniko, a 33 yo french guy (so excuse my english :D)
I'm playing for over a year now and I love this game.
All my classes are 65+, and even if my main is magic dps, the rest is pretty decent too :D
I'm also helpfull with trial spams and Reps.

I'm looking for OP experienced guildies to run trials a lot (and fast), to teach me some stuffs I surely didn't even know about, to help me find back my love for teamplay ...

I also play TW and GvG, but (and this is a pain for me) 'cause of time difference, i'm not often available.
I'm married and choose to preserve my couple life, so no game when she's here (after work and weekends) :). I'll attend these too whenever i can though.

If you think i'm apt to join, i'll be pleased to be Immi and if u have more questions, don't hesitate to ask :D

DInfiltrator 10-27-2012 01:45 AM

IGN: DInfiltrator
Level: 70
Main classes: Ranger, mage, illu
Past guild/current guild: Sacred. I've been in it for a year and two months, and might try to do some things with them as well, if I have time.
Reason for wanting to join Imminent: I want to play with and learn from the best, and get better myself.
Date for gear check: Anytime I'm on, really, just add me and send me a whisper.

I work nearly every day, and during the TWs on weekdays, and during most on the weekends. I won't be available for them as much as I'd like, typically 0-2 a week, unless I have a day off. I might be unavailable for some rounds of GvG for similar reasons. I'll be willing to help with trials and TW/GvG when I can, though, even though I'm not very experienced with doing trial runs. ^^;

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