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IIYoshimaruII is your worst nightmare!IIYoshimaruII is your worst nightmare!IIYoshimaruII is your worst nightmare!
Default Joke! (Not for the faint of heart!)

Okay, here it goes

One day, two kids are playing in the park.
A Boy named Roy and a Girl named Jane
While playing tag, Jane trips over and takes down Roy's pants
Jane says, "Roy, what is that?"
Roy responds, "I don't know Jane, let me ask my daddy"
Roy goes home to ask his father, Roy pulls down his pants and says, "Daddy, what is this?"
Roy's Father says, "Son, that's your Car, you park it inside a Garage!"
So, Roy quickly runs back to the park, and while playing tag, Roy accidently pulls down Jane's skirt
Roy stops and says, "Jane, what is that?"
Jane replies, "I don't know Roy, let me ask my mommy"
Jane quickly sprints home and asks her Mother
Jane says, "Mommy, what is this?"
Jane's Mother replies, "Jane, that's your Garage, but don't let any Cars go in there okay?"

That night, Jane returns home with her fingers all bloody
Frightened, Jane's parents asked her what had happened
Jane replies, "Roy tried to put his Car inside my, I popped his two front tires!"

This is a joke that has been with me since the fifth grade, lol, it still has it to this day.
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