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Default Needed Clarification for Electrostatics [Charging]

Just need a clarification for my minitest tommorow.

Induction :
So if Object A is negatively charged and object B is a conductor. The electrons of Object A will repel the electrons on the surface of object B and thus one side is positively charged while the other side is negatively charged. Now if I grounded object B the electrons will escape and once I remove Object A from the vicinity, object B will become positively charged and the charge will be distributed evenly.

Friction :
By rubbing two neutral objects together (object A and B), the one with the stronger attraction force [object B] (such as metals) will take the electrons of object A and thus object A becomes positively charged while object B becomes negatively charged due to the electrons accelerating to a level where they can escape.

Contact :
When one object with an excessive amount of electrons (Object A) is held within the vicinity of a neutral object (Object B) the excessive electrons of Object A will jump onto Object B because they are attracted to the protons of object B and once both objects have enough electrons they will repel eachother and the electrons will stop jumping around. The result is that they are both negatively charged.

Charge Seperation :
+ O - - O -
- O + +
+ O - O -
- O + +
Exactly like induction except the electrons do not escape and neither object becomes positively charged.
Grounding :
The process of allowing electrons to be discharged from the object by using a conductor that is attached to the ground.
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