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Default Specific heat...

Andrew placed a sample of gold in 200. ml of receiving water in a 500. milliliter graduated cylinder. The starting temperatue of the receiving water was 20.0 degrees Celsius. The ending temperature of the water was 30.0 degrees celsius. The hot temperature of the gold was 90.0 degrees Celsius. Based upon the current market price, what is the value (in American dollars) of the gold which Andrew is using in his experiment.
I can do it nomally by measuring, but I'm clueless on this one. How would I find the volume of the gold? I'm completely clueless...
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Well they end up in thermodynamic equilibrium right? So they both end at 30 degrees. The gold undergoes a 6 fold change in temperature over the water, so its heat capacity is a sixth that of 200mL of water. Use this and the specific heat of gold and water to calculate the mass of gold. You don't need volume, gold pricing is done by weight.


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