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06-28-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Mathtest

No... I am not recruiting for the answers to one...
I am testing your math skills... sort of

OK... 5 Questions (some with Sub-questions), no calculator, and 5 minutes. Can you make it?
I'm just kidding, take the time you want... and you would probably need an graphical calculator for some questions so...
Assignment 1
z^2 - 12z + ?
  1. What number shall be instead of the questionmark so that the expression would be possible to write as an binomial squared?
  2. What will the binomial be?

Assignment 2
  1. Multiply (y + 7)^2
  2. Use the answer to solve the equation y^2 + 14y + 49 = 9.

Assignment 3
Solve the equation; 21x^2 – 4x – 1 = 0. USE EXACT ANSWERS

Assignment 4
Draw the graph to the linear function H, where H(x) > 0 when x > 3 and H(x) < 0 when x < 3

Assignment 5
H(n) = -32200 – 608n + 2n^2

Count the root for the function H(n).

^2 means squared, for those that did not understand...

Send any answers by PM... or use the "spoiler" function...
I will post how many correct answers you have...

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06-28-2008   #2 (permalink)
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Solemn is on a distinguished road

I'll edit these in as I figure them out. This is pretty much basic algebra, but your assignments are worded weirdly, so I'll figure them out a bit at a time.

Assignment One:

a. ? = 36 = [1/2 x (-12)]^2
b. z - 6

Assignment Two:

a. (y + 7)^2 = y^2 + 14y + 49
b. (y + 7)^2 = 9; y +7 = 3; y = -4

Assignment Three:

21x^2 – 4x – 1 = (7x + 1)(3x - 1) = 0; 7x + 1 = 0 or 3x - 1 =0; x= -1/7 or x = 1/3; both are correct when substituted, so neither one is extraneous.

Assignments Four and Five...I'm too lazy to graph and do... D: Maybe when I have time...

Lol, just highlight if you want to see it better...also too lazy to make it a spoiler. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

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