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Samaniego 08-12-2012 08:23 PM

English HW Help!
Okay, Long story short
I need to finish reading Malcom X by today...*300ish pages left :/*
My assianment is

-Write an essay about the literay devices used in Malcom X

-Write an essay comparing Malcom X's leadership vs Dougles w/e
I mainly need help on the first, if you have read these I could really really use your help. Like if you could tell me which ones are used alot that would help and *IF* you have the book and your bored tell me what page to look for certain ones that way ( I don't know if i'm suppose to ) i can reference that page in my essay...

It's all due this Tuesday once school starts.

I'm feeling SO..sdfsAslkjcm shdfsv n..

Nebula 08-13-2012 12:45 AM

I have not read the book but try answering questions such as.

What tone is the author writing in? quirky, sad, serious, bland, cheerful, exhausted, etc
Now, how does the use of the tone make you feel? Does it evoke some strange emotions, do you feel sympathetic?
Now replace yourself with the word "responder".

Is the book is 1st, second or 3rd person? Does this have an impact of how you feel as a reader?

Use of allusion: are there biblical or historical reference within the text? How does this make you feel. Do they help support the author's/composer's arguments and themes within the book.

Use of metaphors. What kind of metaphors has the author used. What do they represent. What kinda of emotions and such do they make you feel?

Does the author use italics for particular sections? What to they mean.

Is the story on a continuous timeline, or is the past present and future mixed up. Does the way the author uses time have an impact on how you respond.

Topic sentences.
4-5 sentences on your topic sentence.
Then conclude you paragraph with a strong line of argument.

Unless you teacher loves long paragraphs, then write them hahahahhaah.


Hope this sort of helps. I always got B's in English however so maybe you are better listening to someone else.

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