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06-21-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default [Homework] Need help with C++

1. Write a C++ program to do the following :
a. Define a constant MAX equal to 5
b. Declare a pointer called entry to point to an integer number
c. Use new operator to reserve memory space for storing MAX
integer numbers for entry.
d. Use a loop to initialise all the MAX integer numbers with
even numbers from 2 to 10.
e. Use another loop to display the values using pointer/offset
f. Use another loop to display the values in reverse order using
array subscript notation.
g. Release the dynamic memory before exiting the program.
I have no idea how to do this =x
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06-21-2008   #2 (permalink)
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Might want to open your textbook instead of asking. You won't be passing the class if you don't even know the basics


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