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Cool Thief Skill Guide

Holy Beast Thief Skill Guide

Tiger - Attack Power
Monkey - Dodge

Clans Note:
I went with monkey in EN CB, but the evolved monkey transformation is really meh at lv 20, after seeing tigers, in stage 2 evolution, I wish I had went White Tiger as Thief...

Heartblow - 5 sec cool down
- This skill is not that great as auto attack dose more damage then the skill, but its a requirement to get Poison Blade and needs to be lv 2.

Poison Blade - 30 sec cool down
- This is your main best skill vs Boss or hard mobs, its just amazing as it drains HP from mob over time as you attack.

Heavenfall Dance - 15 sec cool down
- This is very good skill, I love this skill, it slows MOB attack speed, which helps a lot if your trying to kill a boss or hard mob that is elite like in Towers/Dungens.

Devilwrath - 10 min cool down
- Dose not last long, adds Power and Crit, but its pretty good skill vs boss type mobs, and there a lot of them that drop really good loot

Shadowfoot - 20 seconds longer than skill duration
- This is pretty much best skill Thief can get, it lets you tank like 100 mobs and you never get hit I love this skill, it has very short cool down and it can be recast very often, how ever this sill dose not shine until lv 32 and up when you can buy more ranks and extend the duration of the skill.

Skills Note:
If your thinking of getting other skills, don't, they all suck badly, have very long cool down timers and pretty much are horrible.

BAD Skills:
Sneak - Useless, long ass cool down... about 1 MIN down time...
Shadowflash - never stuns and it never works waist of an attack...
Thief Soul - maybe its good at high lvs like 60+, but at low levels pretty useless...
Double Attack - Horrible skill and its cool down timer.. Auto attack dose more damage then the Skill 6 sec cast time with 8 sec cool time... that's 14 sec

Sadly your stuck with these skills until lv 52, thats when you get some new skills, long way to go

Thief Play Style
What you have to understand about Thief is that your auto attacks do more damage then the skills, skills are there just to boost your attack or snare the enemy your attacking.

Usually skills have long cast time/cool down that means you can perform 2-3 auto attacks in the same time you can cast 1 skill.

Thief Leveling / Grinding
For normal mobs, that you can kill 2-4 hits never use twin weapons, use bow always, bow is your best friend in this game, it dose physical attack which works very well, you can hit mobs faster then running from 1 mob to the other with twin weapons, speed is everything

Nano.. Nano.. Nano..

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05-20-2009   #2 (permalink)
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Well Open BETA starting on 21st I hope you enjoy this small guide
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nice guide but i have a question. Grinding wit a bow just using common attack?
07-11-2009   #4 (permalink)
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Uhmm... i have to disagree about the sneak...

SNEAK is a great PVP skill or starting attack...
+ Combo with high critical rate.. you can hit 1 high damaging CRITICAL!!! (the first attack after the sneak)
enough to significantly decrease your enemies HP!!!

Lv. 1. Sneak has low cooldown.. It can make you hide more often in towers.. to sneak
and backstab those pesky mages and hunters ^_^...

Lv. 2 Sneak... 1 min cooldown?? hmmm... but +400 physical attack for 1 hit?
just think if you lowered the cooldown... then everyone will be thieves ^_^

================================================== ==================
BTW nice guide!! Nano FTW!!

Last edited by EnjoyHolyBeast; 07-11-2009 at 08:04 AM.
11-22-2009   #5 (permalink)
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this is a bad guide as far as i can see O.o! everything is depending on what u like ur thief to be. if u like to pvp sneak is a good skill to backstab ur opponent but it's only reason that make it useless is u can't use it once u atk or opponent atk u. The Shadowfoot skill is actually useful in pvp, hunting boss but i don't think in lvling because it last only 20 sec in lv1 40 sec in lv2 60 sec in lv3 soo it doesn't help u by anychance.
Last is skill heartblow is really useless low dmg, waste of ur sp point so keep ur sp point for something else useful in the future playing=]!.
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