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kuyaBaka 01-26-2009 06:58 PM

Akatsuki's Quests (2!) [Lv 17+; Repeatable]
Akatsuki's Quests1
Kuya's Guide to the Lv 17+ Repeatables given by our wonderful Bird, Akatsuki!~

Once again, I've come to bring light from the masses of quests available to you in Holy Beast Online. Here I am, reporting from Windgrove Shrine Gate with information on Akatsuki, a Bird-clan Petitioner.

First off, some basic info needed.

The map (marked the NPC location and monster locations):
As you can see, they're not very far from the portal.

Now, you're going to want to find Akatsuki.

She'll have 2 quests available (if she only gives you one, you'll probably want to complete that, first.).
As you can see, there's 2 quests here.

Saving the Council:
(Requires 3x Morning Rites Council Badge; You get 1 badge per 3 Fluffy Wools you turn in)

(Fluffy Wools)


Happiness Seeds:


Now, for clarification:
All Packeys drop Happiness seeds.
As for the Wools, I've heard that all monsters in the entire map drop them, but I've only seen Rotunds and Slave Packeys drop them.

Don't know what they are? Well, I've got pictures. 8D

Mega Packeys
Remember the lil' Hunter and Magic Packeys from Daybreak Valley? Well, they're back again -- and leveled quite a bit (probably from the Delicious Fish quest, eh?). These guys aren't tough at all, really.

Rotund Packeys
Now, these are hefty fellows. From what I observed they had a tad (and I mean a miniscule amount) more HP than the Megas -- probably because they ate all those small, delicious fish. *shrugs*
Anyway, I personally kill these guys the most. I've witnessed them drop the Fluffy Wools and the Happiness Seeds.

Slave Packeys
These guys are aggro, magic, and have more HP. You might not want to stand in the middle of their spawn, otherwise you'll find yourself being shot at by volleys of spells (seems they're elementalists). These guys seem to drop the Fluffy Wools more often.

You'll probably find yourself getting more from the Happiness Seeds quest, since the drop rates for the Wools are kinda lame. Partying is really nice here, but you'll probably find yourself fighting for Wools, so I'd party with friends or something.

Anyway, enjoy this guide, guys~
I'll be editting this along the way. A few more things I want to add. 8D

Fineti 01-26-2009 07:03 PM

Again, nice job~

I did that last one quite a few times.

vom53 01-26-2009 07:27 PM

Yay! Great guide! Isn't it ironic that your a bird and she is petitioning?

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