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kuyaBaka 01-31-2009 09:41 AM

AoE Ele looking for Warrior for Strategy Testing
So, I'm an AoE-Ele/Monkey.

My current AoEs are:
Lv 1 Collapse (80 Base Damage, 15 sec Cooldown)
Lv 1 Icestrike (67 Base Damage, 30 sec Cooldown; 70% of causing residual DoT)
Lv 1 Meteor (228 Base Damage, 5 minute Cooldown; paralyzes targets for 6 secs)
(The latter won't be used much due to it's cooldown -- only in dire situations.)

Anyway, I'm looking for a Warrior (Preferably a Long-Weapon or Heavy-Weapon; and the ability to use Provoke/Group Provoke) to train with and try out different strategies to make AoE spells/skills highly effective.

Why only Long-Weapons and Heavy-Weapons? Why can't I use a sword and shield? Don't I take in more damage?
Yes, you do, but I forsee higher level monsters having more m.Def, 'causing my spells to not be as effective as normally. To combat this, using a Long-Weapon or Heavy-Weapon and their AoE(s) will make it more manageable.

Holy Beast:Warrior - Wiki
Refer to "Heaven's Wrath" (heavy), "Annihilate" (long), and "Sky Riot" (long).

I'm looking for someone in the Lv 20~ range so we can start testing on Evilbirds and 'Dillos (Babe and Mama).
IGN: Wa Wabbit
(You probably won't be able to get ahold me me through whispers because I have a 'space' in my name. For now, I'll have to resort to using Pack, Global, General, or Trade in order to come in contact with you.)

Update: Lv 26, now (6 levels until Lv 2 AoEs). Currently training on Small/Slashing Blades, my AoEs seem to deal slightly less than ideal damage. I need another Ele to train with me -- for the use of twice the damage potential. The ideal team would be:

1 Tank; Warrior (does not need anything, but Heavy/Long weapons preferred)
1 Healer (obviously)
2 Eles; both of which are AoE-built*
*Simply getting Lv 2 Freeze and Thunderbolt and getting to Lv 16 for Lv 1 Collapse and Icestrike will do. As far as buffs, Elemental Booster and Mystic Booster are the needed.

The plan is for the tank to run around and tag the monsters, lures them to a corner where everyone else will wait, and then the Eles unleash the AoEs. Healer will heal when needed. The need of 2 Eles is because of the cooldown and the lack of damage in later levels. It gets a bit difficult when the enemies are left with a few bits of HP after you launched both your AoEs, so having a second Ele there to toss in another to finish them off will help keep the routine moving.
As far as the roles of everything in the party, we're only good in the tank department, and even then, we're depending on 1 person. Our clan is seriously lacking in things that aren't Hunters. QQ"

After our little experience today training on Babedillos, I've learned not to expect a random person do what they should be doing. I find it more reliable to trust someone in the guild, simply because I can contact them outside of the game.

Mickmaster 02-02-2009 03:05 PM

um... on Wednesdays im on and Fridays and sundays
Im an AoE Ele Dragon with icestrike and Collapse, lv 21
IGN: Mickmaster

I remember j00!!!

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