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Exclamation Hunter Skills SP Requirement Guide

Offensive Skills
Skill Points (To MAX) Skill Name

? (? sp per level) Supershot ***
? (? sp per level) Bloodrun Shot ***
? (? sp per level) Fatal Shot
? (? sp per level) Binding Shot ***
? (? sp per level) Spirit Cut
? (? sp per level) Blind ***
? (? sp per level) Soulsteal Shot ***
? (? sp per level) Meteor Shot
? (? sp per level) Fire Arrow
? (? sp per level) Moonlight Shot
? (? sp per level) Precision Shot
? (? sp per level) Sniper
? (? sp per level) Ice Arrow ***
? (? sp per level) Precise Arrow
? (? sp per level) Magic Arrow
? (? sp per level) Piercing Arrow

Support Skills
Skill Points (To MAX) Skill Name

? (? sp per level) Critical Shot ***
? (? sp per level) Remove Hate
? (? sp per level) Enliven ***
? (? sp per level) Quick Body
? (? sp per level) Virus Arrow
? (? sp per level) Shining Spirit ***
? (? sp per level) Hunter Berserk


still the wiki doesn't provide much info
this guide is pretty much useless... LOL

*** Recommended Skills

Why not hunter berserk? I dont see any use of it because
you need your human form to use the bow.. and hunters are
not made for close range fights... thats also why you need
those disabling skills... but if your "escape" is cooling down..
you can use "berserk" to flee with speed!!

"...a true master paralyzes his opponent leaving him vulnerable to attack."
-Mr. Han (Linkin Park)

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