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kuyaBaka 02-06-2009 08:58 PM

[AoE-centered]The Periodic Table -- For Elementalists .
kuya's on-going guide and collection of elemental knowledge and lore all compiled into one rather awesome-looking guide.
Elementalist's are trying to reconstruct the golden years of magic, the time of Gods. Therefore, strong magic spells have been created one after another and used in the war of Insects. Elementalist's magical attack power is extremely strong. Some powerful attack magic takes time to activate, but the effects are immeasurable. Many elementalists are able to attack enemies who are at a distance and can also deal fatal damage to single target.

What's so good about being an Elementalist? Wouldn't it be better to go Illusionist or Healer? Well . . .

  • lol AoE -- absolutely great for farming or killing off masses of weak mobs.
  • AoEs aren't costly -- The AoE itself has an infinite(?) amount of targets, aslong as they're in the radius. If you're wise, you'll be able to get the most bang from your -- MP -- by mobbing up tons of monsters instead of 1 or 2.
  • Great for grinding parties -- if you can get the right people in a group, you can blast your way through maps!
  • Really nice Single-Target spells -- for soloing. :U
  • lolweak -- You're a spellcaster. You're weak. Face it.
  • You have to find the right people to party -- You can't tank 17 monsters with a Hunter.
  • Your first trainable AoEs are at 16. (but you get 2 8D)

So, you want to be the master of Elements. Well, it's going to take much more than just a few clicks and hits. The path of an Elementalist (especially the AoE) is a road less traveled. Leveling won't be as fast as a quick-fingered Illusionist, nor as supportive and long-living as the Healer. Instead, you're a bit in the middle, with a bumpy road of tough climbs and smooth surfaces.

First things first -- what race? The Elementalist career can be reached with the following:

What do I suggest? Well, any will do. I, myself, play as a Monkey-Ele, but I'm sure any of the available will suffice. Stat-wise, here's how they compare:


Mages: Tiger Dragon Monkey
Strength: Tiger(11) = Dragon(11) = Monkey(11)
Wisdom: Tiger(12) = Monkey(12) -> Dragon(11)
Stamina: Tiger( 8 ) = Dragon( 8 ) = Monkey( 8 ) <--- stupid Cool emote!
Agility: Dragon(6) = Monkey(6) -> Tiger(5)
Vitality: Tiger(10) -> Dragon(9) = Monkey(9)
Intelligence: Dragon(15) -> Tiger(14) = Monkey(14)
Source: | Credits to vom53

The main stats you should probably be looking at in this comparison would be Intelligence, Stamina, Vitality, and Wisdom. As for what they do:


Level: the degree of your character growth
Stamina: HP and defense (Each point give you +10 HP and +3 physical defense)
Strength: Attack power (Each point increase physical attack +3)Intelligence: MP and magic attack (Each point increase MP+10 and +3 magic attack)
Agility: How much you can hit (For every 15 point, +1 critical)
Spirit: Avoiding magic (Each point increase a protective spell +3 and increase by 40 spell critical +1)
HP: HitPoints, the max damage your character received before dieding
MP: ManaPoints, mana is used for skills
CP: Value for consumers to use the skills of a technical character.
Physical Attack: how much your attack deal to monsters
Physical defense: your defense against monsters physical attack
Critical: the attack in which deal more damage than normal
Magic Attack: how much your spell deal against monsters
Magic defense: how much you can fight off magic from monsters
Magic critical: the magic attack in which deal more damage than normal

Light resistance: your resistance to light magic
Dark resistance: your resistance to dark magic
Spirit resistance: your resistance to elemental magic
Resistance methods: The value of resistance to magic secret
SP: SkillPoints, these are use to increase your skills
Source: | Credits to vom53

Ok, so I've got my class picked out. Now what? Well, first you should get more information and start planning out what's next. (*everyone groans*)

Your skills:
Holy Beast:Elementalist - Wiki
(Lol. I'm not wasting space and text to show you all the skills. The Wiki does an amazing job at informing us. Awesome job, Wiki-staff! /o/)

Skill Build:
I'm not going to post up my skill build simply because I don't remember what I did exactly. Instead, here's a list of skill do's and don't's.

Thunderbolt -- Get this to Lv 2 by Lv 16. You need it to unlock Collapse.
Freeze -- Get this to Lv 2 by Lv 16. You need it to unlock Icestrike.
Elementalist Berserk -- You honestly don't need this until Lv 8. Get it sometime by then.
Mystical Boost -- Nice for your spells. Get when you can.
Elemental Boost -- Same as above.
Mystical Prayer -- Ahh-mazing. Get get!
Unparalyze -- Do not get. I haven't seen a use for it yet. Maybe for PvP/GvG?
Rageflame -- I didn't get it 'cause the DoT didn't seem very powerful. I can see it being used on high-DEF enemies, though. It's single-target, so you might not want this. I didn't.
Collapse -- Do get. You're an AoE Ele, this is an AoE. Very nice damage, and 15 sec cooldown. Get get. (Use is conjuncture with Icestrike)
Icestrike -- Do get. You're an AoE Ele, this is an AoE. Pretty nice damage, and can cause a DoT/slow effect. 30 sec cooldown. (Use in conjuncture with Collapse)

Clan skills are auto-win. Get any and all of them. They cost 0 sp, and are extremely helpful. Not to mention Lv 20 gets you a 0 sp AoE, though with a nasty 5-minute cooldown. You're going to want to Lv 12 clan-skill as it is extremely spammable. Do want.
(This is about how far I am currently. I'll update with time.)

Ok! I think I've got it! Now -- where do I go? You will start off in Holy Beast Castle, located right by Daybreak Valley -- your first training area. The first 10 levels are the easiest as it's nothing but quests. Everytime you get a quest, you should opt to do it as it will help you learn to navigate through the map and learn what monsters there are to kill and stuff. As a bonus, they give money and equipment! What a way to save money through our current economic crisis. *rolls eyes*

At Lv 10, you get a repeatable quest that is amazing for EXP.
Lucky for us, a very charming and adorable young man has typed us a wonderful guide to this EXP-goldmine. (+rep prz! :py48:) (lolplug)
(I recommend clearing any other quests you get along the way as they may yield handsome rewards. Though, if you don't mind using NPC-EQs, feel free to grind on the repeatable)
Continue at this until about Lv 16-17~ for another nice repeatable.
(again, do any quests you can!)
These should be able to slide you through until Lv 20~.

Now, things start to get interesting. Find a good staff and test out Collapse and Icestrike. If you see that you can take out a single Babedillo with 1 cycle of the two, you're in good shape. Find a tank and a healer, and go rock out those Armadillo-wannabes!

Now, before you get too far ahead of yourself, here's the strategy.
  • Tanker must run around and tag as many Babe/Mamas as he/she can. Try to take roughly 18 secs to do this to make the AoEs smooth.
  • Healer and Ele must stay in a corner of the map -- away from any Mama aggros. This will be 'base'.
  • Tanker lures tagged monsters towards 'base'.
  • If there is a good connection between the Tank and Ele, it is best to start casting the first AoE as soon as the tank is running to base. This will help reduce damage taken and get things done faster.
  • It is probably better to cast Icestrike -> Collapse as the former will be able to slow down the mobs and attach a DoT on them to make Collapse kill in a single blow.
  • Healer obviously keeps an eye on the Tank's HP. Also, have some kind of attack ready in case of extra aggro. (The second AoE has a tendency to attract nearby monsters not already in the radius)
  • Loot, then repeat.
This is easily done in the little valley right by the warp to the 'Wild Prarie'. I've done it many times there and have gotten EXP very quickly.

After this, it's your choice. You can continue doing this until the EXP wittles to nothing, or you can move on. I stopped at around Lv 25~, when I moved into the Wild Prarie. There, I solo'd on the Demonblades -- spamming my Lv 12 clan skill.

Snails and Blades. These two mobs are AoE-able if you're partied with a tank and another Ele. It is because you're AoE cannot pierce as much as they did during our first session. You do not need an equal-leveled Ele, in fact, a Lv 16~20 will do just fine (just note the EXP sharing). You simply have twice the firepower; enough to dent the snails' homes. Ideally, you can do this to Lv 30, but I stopped at around Lv 29 (people left QQ"). If you cannot do the suggestion due to a lack of a second Ele, then it is possible to solo them with your clan spells. It's not hard, really.

Well, currently, I'm Lv 30 -- training on Boxmarlas and Battle Squiddies. If I could get in touch with another Ele and a Tank, I'm sure these would be amazing to AoE, but I do not have the contacts to do such a feat. I just hope in the future, there are more Eles around. QQ"

So, that's it? Not really. I've still got more to learn myself. Though, I've still got a few tips and tricks up my sleeve. Here's some I'd like to share:
  • Your ideal party set-up:
    - 2 AoE Eles
    - 1 Tank (preferrably Spear or Heavy Weapon past Lv 36)
    - 1 Healer
  • You really need M.atk if you plan on being able to take out enough damage.
  • HP > MP. AoEing, you don't really spend too much MP. Also, you've got Mystical Boost to help speed up MP regen.
I know, not a lot. XD

Well then. I'm sure you can tell, but this is still a WIP. I've got a ton more research and experience to get through. I'll be sure to get back to you guys as soon as I get there~

Nightmare94 06-28-2010 03:49 PM

well my brother and I are starting so if you can help us with some tips and some build ups i would really apreciate it my name here is Nightmare94

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