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05-24-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default HolyBeast Review Contest

Dear HolyBeasts,

Hi this is HolyBeast Management Team!

From 22nd May to 21st June, we are going to hold [HolyBeast Review Contest] at!

Here's how to participate in this event:

1st, go to [ HolyBeast Review Contest page](<- Click to Jump!)

2nd, post a review about "HolyBeast ONLINE"!

(Please follow the instructions given by when posting a review)

We are bit afraid but much much more excited to see lots and lots of review about HolyBeast!

And to those who wrote excellent review that caught our hearts will get some decent prize!

Fireworks (Blue)
Beautiful blue colored firework. Those who see it are blessed with a feeling of good luck.
Fireworks Ball (Red)
Red firework that spreads out over the entire sky. Gives those who see it a powerful feeling of good luck.
Butterfly Ball (Yellow)
Yellow firework that spreads out in the form of a butterfly. It envelopes the whole body.
Storehouse Remote Key
Lets you open up a storehouse and take items out of it wherever and whenever you are. Consumes one key every time the storehouse window is opened and closed.
Intensive Fortune Bag
Randomly dispenses an enhancement item such as the EXP x2 Intensive Soul Powder, the x1.5 Intensive Golden Powder, the x1.2 Intensive Powder, or others of the sort.
Divine Speed Fortune Bag
Randomly dispenses a helpful item such as the movement speed x2 Divine Speed Wing, the x1.8 Sprint Wing, or others of the sort.
Lesser Blood Medicine
Recovers 50 HP every 2 seconds for a period of 20 seconds. Can be reused 20 seconds after using it.

1st prize:
Fireworks (Blue) x20
Fireworks Ball (Red) x20
Butterfly Ball (Yellow) x20
Storehouse Remote Key x 2
Intensive Fortune Bag x1

2nd prize:
Fireworks (Blue) x10
Fireworks Ball (Red) x10
Butterfly Ball (Yellow) x10
Storehouse Remote Key x 1
Divine Speed Fortune Bag

3rd prize:
Fireworks (Blue) x5
Fireworks Ball (Red) x5
Butterfly Ball (Yellow) x5
Lesser Blood Medicine X10

We have only set 3 prizes, but don't worry!
We are expecting for more excellent reviews,so we are willing to give out more prizes!

We are looking forward to see lots and lots of exciting reviews that expresses the enjoyment of playing HBO!

Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy your "HolyBeast" life!

HolyBeast ONLINE Management Team

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