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SkillzKillz 06-21-2008 07:40 PM

SkillzKillz's Guide to K-Style
Guide to K-Style

K-Style stands for Korean Style. Of course it was created in the Korean version of Gunz and quickly adapted to other versions.

Alright, so if you've ever seen players in Gunz flashing around and quickly shooting off shotguns then they are probably using K-Style. The best players of the game and most of the pros use this style. It is very fast, effective, and difficult to master.

Basic Moves:

BF - Butterfly

Step Combo:


Description: This move is used for mobility and sword attacks. If used correctly it can evade attacks or trap your enemies.

SS - SlashShot

Step Combo:

Jump>Dash>Slash>Switch to Weapon>Shoot>Switch to Sword

Description: This is the basic gun attack used in K-Style and one of the first moves to to learn. It is useful to evade attacks from enemies using automatic weapons, and, in return, shoot them.

HS - Half Step

Step Combo:

Jump>Dash>Slash>Switch to Weapon>Dash Back>Shoot>Switch to Sword

Description: This is your next gun attack used in K-Style. It evolved from SS to be even more evasive.

LS - Light Step

Step Combo:


Description: This is mostly a learning skill for K-Style moves such as Half Step.

IF - InstaFall

Step Combo:


Description: Make your enemy instantly fall to the ground for easy killing. Difficult to safe fall from this move. Commonly used after a massive hit.

WC - Wall Cancel

Step Combo:

Jump(off wall)>Slash>Dash>Repeat

Description: Basic move for climbing walls.


Advanced Moves

DBF - Double Butterfly

Step Combo:


Description: Two slashes in one jump. Much more effective than normal BF but slightly slower. Dashing is optional.

RS - Reload Shot

Step Combo:

Shoot>Reload>Switch Weapon>Shoot>Reload

Description: Tapping reload cancels delay creating 2 quick shot blasts.

RSS - Reload Slash Shot

Step Combo:

Jump>Dash>Slash>Switch to Weapon>Shoot>Reload>Switch to Sword

Description: Reloading immediately after the shot will cancel the delay for consecutive rss. Essential skill for fast play. If trained correctly it may become the second fastest gun skill and most effective.

RHS - Reload Half Step

Step Combo:

Jump>Dash>Slash>Switch to Weapon>Dash Back>Shoot>Reload>Switch to Sword

Description: Reloading after the shot will cancel the delay for consecutive rhs. Will increase speed of normal hs. Essential skill for fast play.

IG - InstaGun

Flip>Block>Jump>Slash>Switch Weapon>Shoot>Reload>Switch Weapon>Shoot>Reload>Switch to Sword

Description: Instakill using a rs. If done correctly, should instantly kill then enemy.

Created By: SkillzKillz

Please note I will be regularly updating this thread as there is so much to write. I will eventually include replays or videos. Anyone may post suggestions to include moves or better the guide.

SkillzKillz 06-22-2008 06:28 PM

Update 1.1 - Advanced K-Style Added June 23, 2008

iNodTillDeath 07-20-2008 06:48 AM

Hiya.Lulz You play gunz too?How great is that.HS is a bit too hard for me D:.But i can do hhs xD.But hs is a phail fo me.Insta is actually hard also.

Tamiki 07-27-2008 10:41 PM

I mastered some of these skills, but some are still rather hard x_x

SkillzKillz 12-25-2009 01:50 PM

Hi, I'm back. Gonna update when I feel like it.

Also, I dunno why I forgot about FS... I've always used it the most Lol.

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