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Nihil679 07-30-2012 01:18 AM

To Valhalla - Cannon F. Spitfire PvP Guide
*Disclaimer: This guide is a constant work in progress as I update.
In Empyrean culture, females have traditionally played an active role in fields that require combat strategies, like varying the bullet you use depending on the situation, and analyzing your combat theater to determine how best to employ traps. That may be why so many female names appear on lists of the most prominent Spitfires.

Take all that with a grain of salt and throw it into the trash. Female Spitfires are the hybrid subclass of Female Gunners, having focus in both physical and magical damage. Spitfires are known for two sets of abilities: their bullets and their grenades. What separates the Female Spitfires from the male Spitfires: their grenades. Why should you play Female Spitfires: their grenades. What Spitfires lack in terms of big guns and flashy gadgets, they make up for with their arsenal of explosives.

The primary difference between the Female Spitfires and the male Spitfires is put plain and simple: quantity over quality. While Female Spitfires lack the punch, they make up for it in the numbers... and some more. Female Spitfires are also many times more agile, being able to throw grenades while airbourne. When combined with hand cannons, Female Spitfires become one of the frequent fliers of Arad, rivaled only by Witches and other cannoneers using Aerial Fire.
If Rangers are aimed at being in the enemy's face and dealing the upfront damage, and Launchers are aimed at being far from the enemy and sniping away, and Mechanics are aimed at being away from the enemy and letting their toys do their work, then Spitfires are aimed at being a nuisance to the enemy until they mess up and punish them heavily for it. Cannon-wielding Female Spitfires may lack the incredible instant damage that other subclasses boast, but they make up for it with numerous approaches and resets to continue the slow and steady damage.

You need to maintain a passive-aggressive offense, not taking the direct approach to the enemy, but poking at them until they drop their guard. Once you have the momentum in your favor, mount as much pressure onto the opponent as you can. If your momentum wanes, go back to poking.

Nihil679 07-30-2012 01:19 AM

The following skills are highly recommended to use as they are the core of a cannon Female Spitfire. Many of the skills are versatile and usable in almost any case, making them primary skills. Marilyn Rose - Level: Max and Cancel
Your super armor combo launcher. This skill allows for a basic juggle combo and it is needless to say that you should maximize the launch strength it offers.
Level: Max and take Cancel. Rising Shot - Level: Max and Cancel
Secondary combo launcher and your bigger launcher, capping out at a much higher level than Marilyn Rose. It is shot from your gun like a normal bullet, meaning it is useful for hitting distant targets and grounded targets. Topspin - Level: 5 and Cancel and Rising Topspin
Kicks around you, which helps to hit people right below or above you. Its primary purpose is to prolong the grounded status of an enemy and provide more combo opportunities on random hits. Its Rising Topspin passive allows you to kick nearby opponents while fully grounded, offering a secondary escape after Quick Rebound. Spriggan - Level: 5 and Cancel
Your only super armor breaking grab, it is a vital part of being able to reset grounded opponents into another combo. M-3 Flamethrower - Level: 1
A wide flamethrower that provides decent hitstun and accessible fire damage, helps to keep grounded opponents on the ground and a useful poke to fish for hits. BBQ - Level: 5 and Cancel
A "hook grab" that only activates if you manage to launch the enemy with the kick. Vital in resetting opponents and its long "grab" animation provides a very desirable delay to wait for your cooldowns. G-14 Buster, G-35L Flash Bang, and G-18C Freeze Grenade - Level: Max
All grenades with a load count of 4. With each level, they increase in damage AND explosion radius, meaning more area for blasting your opponents sky high. In addition, Buster can inflict burning and Flasher inflicts electrocution, offering free added damage, while Freezer can freeze opponents for resets. Flash Mine - Level: Max
A useful trap that stuns enemies on top of it. This has two uses: as a tool to keep your opponents from approaching you while you are near it and as another reset option. The stun can activate while you ground your opponent right on top of it. With a proper combo, you can activate the stun and have them stand up in time for another combo. Silver Bullets or Freezing Bullets
One or the other, it is recommended to use Freezing Bullets because of its damage multiplier against human targets. They provide additional damage while doing combos, which is always useful. It is recommended against using Blazing Bullets because the explosion may cause your opponents to move unpredictably and makes it more difficult to combo. C4 Remote Control
Useful as insurance for any combo mess-ups, as your opponent will be heavily slowed with three stacks of C4 on them. Its downside is the lack of timed explosion, requiring manual detonation, you cannot activate the explosion while being combo'd. In its current state, it is not amazing and mostly used to knock an opponent down from anywhere if they manage to slip out, giving you a free knockdown on your opponent. Keep some points for it in the future when it gains physical defense debuffs. Crossmore
Useful for its blowback and wide range to put some distance between you and your opponent for some breathing room. It also hits grounded enemies and some aerial enemies, though it is not a reliable source of damage because of its shotgun-like blast and long after-delay. Neil the Sniper
A great finisher because of its quick activation and huge hitbox. If the first shot does not finish them, you have an additional two shots and a long stun on each shot that will help. However, you are liable to being attacked if you miss or do not finish them off because your character is still very vulnerable. Arsenal Reinforcement
Free damage increase on Silver Bullets along with electrocution chance and burning damage on Buster grenades. Not much else to it unless you picked up Photon Bomb as well. RX-78 Land Runner and Secret Land Runner
A very low cooldown distraction and potential escape passive. Throw them out while approaching your opponent to pressure them and keep them locked down.

Nihil679 07-30-2012 01:20 AM

Combos and Set-ups

Nihil679 07-30-2012 01:21 AM


Nihil679 07-30-2012 01:22 AM

DFO-World - Female Spitfire story
Google Image Search - pictures
Anima - questions
mishka - questions
DFO - ragequit

Nihil679 07-30-2012 01:42 AM

eughhhh another one just in case.

Nihil679 07-30-2012 01:42 AM

Lucky number 7.
And I'm open.
To what, I don't know, but I'm open.

Shadow5YA 07-30-2012 05:21 AM

I disagree with the level 1 Flamethrower. If you really care want sizable hitstun and damage, the skill should be maxed.

There is little reason to fear PvE inefficiency either since Fair Arena builds are separate from your Dungeon skill build.

Nihil679 07-30-2012 03:48 PM

Don't care about damage number-wise, I cared that it deals fire damage to break ice from a good distance if hitting them with a fire cannon is out of the way.

Hitstun difference seems to make minimal change for what steep investments you have to put into the skill. The flames stay out long enough for you to combo into Rising Shot on a Flamethrower hit confirm just fine.

Shadow5YA 07-30-2012 05:41 PM

I don't know about that. There are plenty of abnormal status tolerance and hit recovery fair arena gear post glad 6 to make standing hitstun a little iffy on top of the freeze proc. You can ever have too much hitstun.

Besides, you make it sound like you don't have enough SP to throw away. Do you realize how much SP there is at 70, especially post Revolution?

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