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01-11-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Difficulty Making Good Gun Formation?

As a Gun Main, I have been having trouble setting up a competitive PvP formation. For the other classes, I can easily think of some good builds for them, but the gun class is kinda difficult for me.

Currently, I'm planning:

BT - Sword - Exo
Main - Viking - Inventor/Arty
Prophet - Monk - Oracle
Inventor in the formation creates this Stun Build, keeping the monk in check. An Arty formation gives me a DI/FA spike with minor stunning.

However, I would like to make my mid-line all long-range to something like this:

Melee - Melee- Exo
Main - Inventor - Arty/Cannoneer
Prophet - Monk - Oracle
I'm hoping to create a mesh stun/DI build, if possible. But, this would require me to re-organize the front line which is an issue for me. I would love to keep my Viking in the party (i.e. FA), but putting him up front would weaken my front line considerably (IMO) and I'm not sure who will be my 3rd melee. Any ideas what should I do? Is this formation considered worth using? Is the previous formation okay?

Other formations I could think of is an all long-range + princess/monk/oracle, or a mid-line Main + 2 Spearmen + prophet/monk/oracle. I've read that DoT builds has failed due to the current metagame, so I'm not considering that option atm...

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01-11-2009   #2 (permalink)
how i shot gaem?
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I think your best bet would be to go with the second build with Swordsmen in the front. In my opinion, keeping the Prophet is a bad idea. You're a ranged main and in PvP your front line mercenaries will be guarding, frozen, or stunned for most of the battle. So you can have a strong front line of mostly Swordsmen and hide your Viking in the back. Using an Artilleryman for this build would be good because of Deep Insight. You'd start a battle by summoning a catapult or whatever with your Inventor, then you'd Deep Insight the enemy and put Seth's Will on your middle row. Deep Insight lowers defense and Seth's Will adds damage so that can be a pretty deadly combination.
08-10-2011   #3 (permalink)
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Your formation looks pretty well, but you should have an Spartan for using the War Cry, pretty useful in PvP.
You can start with Machine Summon, and Summon a catapult, using it for stunning.
If you have Beast Trainer, the combo Deep Insight+Beast Summon+Seth Will can do excesive damage.
But, this is for PVP only. At PvE can`t do so much with your formation, but i`ve seen your videos and your formation works pretty well.


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