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Shiki 01-24-2010 01:16 PM

Grand Fantasia Newsletter #Jan

January Newsletter!
Recent Updates, Content Previews and Free Magic Alchemy Clay*!!

*Scroll to the bottom of this email to receive your Magic Alchemy Clay Item Key!

New Content Updates

Sprite Alchemy
- Players' Sprites are now able to use the Alchemy System!! With the use of Alchemy Clay and Magic Alchemy Clay, Sprites can create great rewards. Check out more information about this system Here.

Warped Prairie Cave
- Some mysterious is mutating all the monsters within Prairie Cave!
- The first raid dungeon has released! This dungeon is suited for 10 players all around level 45! Check out the Patch Notes for more information!

Guild Level 5
- Player Guilds are now able to reach Level 5! This allows Guild Leaders to sign a contract with a Sprite King to allow the use of Guild-wide Skills! Check out the Patch Notes for more information!
Features Coming Soon

Grand Fantasia has seen a lot of updates this past month, but more updates and features are on the way!

Relationship System
Warped Condemned Mine
Level 61 - 65 Content
Magic Alchemy Clay Reward!!

As a thank you to our amazing community, we've provided Item Keys for
Magic Alchemy Clay (x3)
Just Visit The Item Redemption Page for more information!


Shiki 01-24-2010 01:17 PM

There's a code there for 3 tries.
Now I get how it works- It's double or nothing :<...and "double" ain't that attractive too. :<

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