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dude797 11-28-2009 12:37 PM

Sprite's Beginner Guide
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Your Sprite is your best friend and your most bitter enemy. You get this cutesy gelatinous blob thing at the beginning of the game. You can customize its appearance as you see fit, but what is it good for? Read on to Find out how to make the most out of your Sprite.

1. Topic Index
2. Introduction to Sprites
3. Collecting
5. Crafting
6. Salvaging
7. Upgrading your Gear
8. Miscellaneous:

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dude797 11-28-2009 12:38 PM

Introduction to sprites

Your Sprite is the key to getting rare, powerful equipment. Your sprite can give you bonuses during a battle. You will want to choose a sprite that compliments your class. I recommend getting the Armor Crafter for your class as your Main Sprite. After all it can produce 5 items: Boots, Leggings, Gloves, Chest and Helm. A weapon Sprite will possibly produce 3 items: 1 handed weapon, 2 handed weapon or maybe even a weapon for a different class.

Let's check out some Sprite features:

Your Sprite menu can be brought up by hitting F6, F7 or F8 depending on Sprite Gem Position.

Your Main Sprite is F6. You can never, ever get rid of it. It is the only one capable of evolving and growing stronger with you.

You can summon a sprite to your side by right clicking its Gem and choosing summon.
While summoned, if the Sprite has Blaze on or clothing equipped, you will get stat bonuses. It will also pick up items for you. Your sprite must be in a good mood be summoned and must have around 60% of its stamina.

On the upper right hand corner you will see your Sprites mood. Ranging from Ecstatic to Depressed, this affects your Sprite success rates. Ecstatic Happy Neutral (Hope your happy...i Abused my sprite to get this pic)

When your Sprite is happy, it has a better chance of bringing you additional items when performing an action. By chatting with your Sprite you can take it out of Depressed Mood if it has enough Stamina.

Leaving your sprite depressed for too long causes it to run away. You must wait for it to come back before you can do anything with it.

Let's check out the Detail menu

Relationship: How much your Sprite likes you. A higher Relation decreases your production cost and increases your chance at getting better stats in your gear.

*Theory: I believe Relationship directly relates to Chest and Helm Crafting. I made 2 chest and 2 helms in a row with my main sprite, who has full relationship to me. My friend failed doing this with a sprite found in the wild, with little relationship points.*

Stamina:Perhaps your Sprites most important stat. Stamina affects your success rate in Collecting, Crafting, Training & Salvaging. Once it falls below 60% you have a greater chance of your Sprites mood dropping by one point. If it gets empty, there is a chance the Sprite will go into depression.

On the lower left hand side we see the Sprite's talent Skill levels. Once it fills up, your Sprite talent will increase. You can increase your Sprite's talents by performing the action you want to increase(i.e. if you want higher Mining, send your Sprite out mining) or have your Sprite go into Training.

Here we see the Sprite's blaze ons. Once equipped, when you summon your Sprite by your side, you will get bonuses like, for instance, + 7 physical damage. There are two slots, A and B. Only A blaze on cards will go into the A slot, and the same applies to B blaze ons.
Blaze ons can be bought from Sprites in cities, found as drop or given as quest rewards.

Here we have Clothing slots. Once a Sprite is lvl 20+ you can equip these. These give special effects during battles. You can buy Clothing at any Sprite Merchant in mayor Cities.

Sprite Furniture deals with productivity. They usually decrease Collecting time, or increase % of receiving more items. You MUST have a work table in order to Craft items. Fortunately you get one as a quest reward early on in the game. You can buy more at the Sprite Merchant as well as furniture.

Sprite's Xp bar. Once it fills up, you are ready to evolve your main sprite. Any Sprite's in found in the Wild should be returned to Nature at any Altar. If the Xp bar is full when you return the Sprite to Nature, you get Rep points with Sprite Faction, and better rewards in Mail box later. A sprite returned to nature is lost. You lose rep points and get so-so rewards if you return it with under 50% xp.

Sprite quick maintenance: You can quickly improve your Sprite's Mood by 2 points by buying a Sprite Lollipop in the Item Mall (I button in game) and restore about 1/3 a Sprite's stamina by buying a Sprite's donuts in Item Mall. The Sprite Merchant sells weaker version of these items for coin at a rather expensive price.

dude797 11-28-2009 12:39 PM


In order to Craft Gear you are going to need raw materials. Unlike other MMOs, which have you traveling the world map looking for the right materials, in Grand Fantasia we let Sprites do the dirty work. Open Collect and you will see your Sprite's collecting Skills.

There are 3 Skills in all: Foraging, Hunting and Mining. A Sprite can only train 2 of these skills. So when building your 3 Sprite team, make sure you have all 3 skills spread across them. You can have 2 sprites collect Raw Materials, while the third Crafts items for you.

When you choose to Collect your Sprite can come back with:
a) Common item (white named Raw Material)
b) Uncommon item (Green named Raw Material)
c) A combination of a & b
d) Nothing at all.

The higher a Sprite's Mood and Stamina, the better your odds of getting the c result.

After every collect there is a small chance you will get an Event.

Events include:

1)Raising Relationship Points and Stamina
2)Lowering Relationship Points and Stamina
3)Obtaining an additional item.

Items I've gotten so far include: pots, quest scrolls, fragment cards or additional Uncommon Raw Material.

Fragment cards are used in producing talents for your toon, but that's another subject.

In addition, your Sprite may obtain a Greatness status. During this period, your sprite success rate rockets, and it will bring more Raw Material than usual.

dude797 11-28-2009 12:39 PM


Need to Increase your Sprite's Skills fast? Than send it out training. Just choose Training, pick a skill to train and away it goes. Remember training requires Raw materials to use.

dude797 11-28-2009 12:40 PM


The bread and butter of your Sprite. Open up the Craft to get started.

Each Craft attempt requires Raw Materials and some coin. The higher lvl items you make will be awesome. The higher your sprite craft goes, the more, better gear you can make.

You start off by making Common(White Named) items. There is a progression in crafting that requires you to start from Common to make Uncommon to then make Rare. Take a look at these pics:

See how the common pants were Raw Material for the Uncommon pants? Then in turn the Uncommon were used to make Rare pants.

This is where you begin to hate your sprite. It's about 80% to make common gear, 50% to make uncommon, and probably less than 30% for the rare gear. You will need to spend much coin to continually collect Raw materials and follow this progression to get the best gear around.

Why bother getting Rare gear? Not only do they have best stats around, even adding stats like STR and VIT, once all 6 pieces are combined they improve your combat skills!

On the bright side, every now and then you get an Event when you fail a craft, saying that your Sprite saved one of the Raw Materials used.

Also you cannot produce common or uncommon chest or helms. They go directly to rare. At lvl 20 your Armor sprite can make the full orange Basic Set. This goes for weapon sprites too. At lvl 30 you can craft your next full orange armor set and the next weapon orange. Ima take a guess that every 10 lvls from there on you will get orange sets. I believe at 60, you can craft Yellowed named items, which use orange as raw material!

dude797 11-28-2009 12:40 PM


Notice on them pants Spirit Crystal as Raw Material? You won't be able to collect those, rather you have to salvage uncommon or rare gear in order to obtain. Any lvl 20 or below item that is salvaged yields Spirit crystal as a common item and mysterious essence as the uncommon drop. When crafting rare pants, chest and helm, be prepared to make uncommon gear just to salvage 'em!

Your sprite's salvage lvl must be equal to item lvl for this to work and the process is a bit costly.

Saphael's energy or essence item, also required for crafting, drop from bosses as rare drops or completing a chain quest series. They are rare so you may need to buy them from other players.

Condemned Mine drops essence saphael, Prairie Cave drops energy Saphael. You may also get them from quest, as rewards.

dude797 11-28-2009 12:41 PM

Upgrading your Gear

OK technically off topic, but it helps.

There are two ways of Upgrading your Gear: Fortifying and Filling Slots.

Lets start with Fortifying.

You will need: item to improve and C scrolls. C attack are used for weapon upgrades and C defense for armor. C scrolls have very low success rate of fortifying. There are B and A scrolls, with better success rates, but I have yet to see em in game.

Now you got your scrolls and your item, head over to the fortifier in any mayor city, depicted as a Hammer Icon on Map.

Drag and drop the scrolls and the item then hit fortify.

If it succeeds, your armor gains more defense capabilities, and your weapon gets higher attack. Each upgrade adds 3% of your gears base attack, defense or magic defense stat.If you manage to get weapon or shield to + 5 enchant it crackles with lightning! Notice the whitish glow on my shield and axe:

Let it be known that getting +5 with c scrolls is tough and costly. I burned through 20 scrolls and did not hit +5. *edit clovers have been added to item mall, which increases you luck in fortifying*

If you fail a fortify attempt, the item gets damaged and loses all endurance, meaning you can't equip it. You can repair the gear right there with the mallet icon, but your items max endurance goes down. If your max endurance is 0, you can't equip item anymore. You can restore an item's max endure with a repair mallet from the Item Mall.

Resonance Stones

When Crafting sometimes you make items with little circles in the item descriptions.
These are slots that you can use to give special effects to your gear.

You need stones to make the fill slots. Take about 30 pure stones or middle stones, to an alchemist also depicted by a hammer icon on map.

See what he has for sale. He sells scrolls for making resonance stones. These scrolls ain't cheap and each needs 30 pure or middle stones to produce, as well as adhesive. Adhesive can be bought at any General Store.

The alchemy process may fail, but I've never failed linking resonance stones into my gear.
*edit clovers added to item mall, which increases your luck in alchemy*

You need 2 slots with the same type of stone to make it glow on a one hand weapon and 4 filled slots for a 2 handed. I haven't tested the one handed yet, but here is a pic of a 6 slotted Great Sword fully linked:

dude797 11-28-2009 12:41 PM


1. Nice screenies!How come mine won't work?!

-Try holding down prtsc for about 3 secs. You can hide the HUD by using alt-H.

2.What do I do with dark sprite emblems?
- It an event. You must find a dark sprite and trade with him. Events may be seen by using balloon icon under mini map.

Hey, why aren't blue named items mentioned?!

-I haven't seen a crafted blue named before. They only drop. They tend to have more raw attack and defense power than orange named, but less stat point such as STR and VIT. Here is a pic comparing a blue named axe vs. orange advanced sword:

Notice the blue named axe is a lower level and still deals more raw damage.

Also worth mentioning are Yellowed named items. As of this time Only a few exist in CB and no pics are available. They can be crafted.

Evolving my main sprite? Anyone?

-At level 21 you get whispered a quest. You must go to Iyla and find this guy:

Note: Your main Sprite's xp bar must be full in order to evolve.

Thanks to

Lazy Loung and Way 102 for clearing up Relationship Points effects.
Nretep for fortify formula.

Nihil679 11-28-2009 04:51 PM

Should lower the font sizes.

Also, there's a mood lower than depressed. I managed to get my second sprite in some kind of rage mode where its head was exploding all over the place.

babyxpink 12-09-2009 09:41 PM

my god this guide makes me want to re-install grand fantasia. i didn't think the sprite system was this complicated yet highly intriguing. they are so adorable T___T

PocketOfLove 12-13-2009 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by babyxpink (Post 1087329)
my god this guide makes me want to re-install grand fantasia. i didn't think the sprite system was this complicated yet highly intriguing. they are so adorable T___T

You should start playing agian. It's loads of fun, I haven't been addicted to a MMO like this in a long time.

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