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Shadowicex 05-18-2011 07:21 PM

About the 7767 error
Ok I made a new account because this happened to my old account and forgot ALL the information I put for it.So I had to make a new account because I wanted to cash. I now come back to cash in my UGC and bam I have another 7767 on my newly made account in which I haven't really done anything to. I am just wanting to know why does SGI or Ntreev w/e IP ban you without warning? I am sorry in advance if this is the wrong chat I am in.

Veloze 05-19-2011 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by GM_Syn
As you have pointed out, the 7767 message is not in fact an error, but a notification to both me and the user that something is amiss on the account itself. I also agree with something Ragetastic stated below sending the registration information the first time one contacts account admin will often shorten wait times as it prevents the need for me to send an email requesting that information.

Finally, there are times when account admin waits can be quite long. As you mentioned, the 7767 can be applied for any number of Terms of Use violations, so investigations can take some time. Some cases are easier than others and may be released faster. Unlike the 1:1 support department, there is not one dedicated GM per game. I have all 4 games to focus on, so as you can imagine, I can get quite busy, and often times backed up on requests. Patience is appreciated while I work through the investigations.


Originally Posted by DarkMage325 of the Trickster Forums
Oh one more tip. If you know someone that is 7767 banned.. DO NOT LET THEM LOG IN AT YOUR HOUSE WITH YOUR COMPUTER/INTERNET CONNECTION. What ends up happening is that the IP itself will get listed on the target list and which ever accounts trying to login after will automatically get 7767 banned. The 7767 ban will USUALLY not get removed till the original banned account has had the 7767 ban removed as well

Do these posts answer your question?

Shadowicex 05-19-2011 05:56 PM

yes ty >.</ I guess I will just have to explain to them my situation :py53:

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