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ForeverSkyes 08-29-2010 07:04 PM

Shield Emblems?
Im kind of new to the game [played for like...3-4? days.]

And my friend helped me get Lass.
So I started playing with it and i entered this room and this one guy said that because of my Plain Gold Shield emblem, i didnt do anything in the game.

D: Which is untrue. Cus i got my Elesis to 32 & Got 2nd job for it.

But he was saying how he earned it all since his silver/gray shield was engraved with some design. :I

Helping with things isnt a bad thing... ;__; Especially if you're new. D:
So im a bit confused & wanted to know more about it.

Shnao 08-29-2010 07:16 PM

Those shield emblems are based off the overall level of all your characters. I can't quite place the lvl range on each emblem but here's a list of what order it goes through.

Bronze Dual Rapiers
Silver Dual Rapiers
Gold Dual Rapiers
Bronze Shield
Silver Shield
Gold Shield
Bronze Engraved Shield
Silver Engraved Shield
Gold Engraved Shield
Bronze More Engraved Shield
Silver More Engraved Shield
Gold More Engraved Shield

._. lol @ vague description. But yeah, there you have it.

Noctis 08-30-2010 08:00 AM

^that. I think I got my Gold more engraved shield when my Lire hit like 52 or 53. I can't remember the rest at all, and I'm not even that positive about when I got my gold more engraved shield.

I don't know what that guy meant when he said you didn't do anything because of your plain gold shield emblem. I think he was just being an a**. There are a lot of those in GC. You'll meet a lot of them, especially if you pvp.

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