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03-23-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Cash Back with Pay Pal

Okay the story is I share my internet with 5 people (Brothers and neighbors), and apparently an account with the same IP has been banned for what ever reason and they blocked my account(s) from the site. This meaning I cannot report anything, I cannot recharge, basically I can't do anything.

I tried asking for an appeal, but stupid Syn being a lazy.... she or he or it is just sending me stupid auto replies and not reading the whole thing; I asked multiple questions in one email all split up into separate sections. Low and behold I get an auto reply for the first thing she/he/it sees.

Anyways I wanted to know how Cash Back works with Pay Pal, I have charges directly with Ntreev and Play Span. How would this work, and would it be possible. I know I might not Charge Back Play Span cause they didn't do anything wrong... just that they should not co-host with Ntreev with the way they are now. :[
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03-27-2010   #2 (permalink)
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Generally chargebacks are required to be filed within like a week of the product missing. If you charge them back though, they can and will file a complaint with paypal. Paypal/Ebay used to have a policy that any non-tangible sales would be charged back no questions asked because there was no way to verify you actually sent the customer anything, but I'm not sure if this only applies to Ebay, or even still exists.

Do note that Paypal charges fees to Ntreev/Playspan if you charge them back, and if they file complaints, showing where (Like it or not, on the internet, you are your IP) you breached their terms of service and got yourself banned of your own fault (Even if it wasn't you, but somebody in your household), and then if paypal agrees with them, you could be looking at having the chargeback reversed and being feed yourself, on top of paying the chargeback fees they incurred on your behalf.

I think the better course of action would just be either to wait it out (Ntreev only does permanent bans in the most extreme cases. Chances are the ban is only for 7/14/30 days), or figure out who in your household decided to be a hacker/swapper/cheater, and bring it up with them.


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