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10-18-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Calculations for Dio's Increase AP Recovery Rate

Please note that this is NOT by me. Proper credits belong to StDingle from Dio: Increased AP recovery rate - Grand Chase

Originally Posted by StDingle
A friend decided to get this, so we decided to measure it. Note that he already had level 3 when we started:

Dio base AP: 36 seconds/3bars
|_ With mp props: 25 (45%) (3/36 = 0.08333... * 1.45 = 0.1208333333 = 3/0.121 = 24.8)

Drakar AP regen 3: 25
|_ with mp props: 17 (48%) (3/25 = 0.12, 0.12 * 1.48 = 0.1776, 3/0.1776 = 16.9)

Drakar AP regen 4: 23
|_ with mp props: 15.5 (48%) (3/23 = 0.13, 0.13 * 1.48 = 0.193, 3/0.193 = 15.54)

Drakar AP regen 5: 21
|_ with mp props: 14 (48%) (3/21 = 0.143, 0.142 * 1.48 = 0.211, 3/0.211 = 14.2)

Note that the math after the data with MP props is just my workings out that confirmed the MP props were working normally. Which they are. Test method: Trial forest, note down the time when 3 bars are filled. While there's a lot of room for inaccuracy, it makes the necessary points. Also, the MP prop on the base ap rate is lower because I measured it, not my friend.

Conclusion: Not only does the AP recovery passive work, it works very well. And stacks with props.

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