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07-23-2008   #1 (permalink)
I am Bob.
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Default Tips and Tricks for Arme

OK! so its me MooseInATree Aka Meteor Moose aka "omg its a Moose in a tree" "omg its the Fat Kid" " omg the 13 year old " "omg your nothing but cash"! yup thats me me : D

ok so i know! ive seen some other post like this around but this is some of the moves ive picked up as playing a arme

now i know you much rather be taking advice from Ang..or Kitty or..Gemini?..or Ratchet? lawlz xD but ya got me instead!

now a lil backstory im alvl 50 Arme on the Server : D with the Monthly Rank of 7 so i do know my away around the tracks : D ( no idea what that means) so here are some tips that i have picked up for new armes or hey maybe if some of the more Experinced Players learn something (doubt it ) thats great! lets begin

Topic#1-understanding Arme Spam

ok so arme and Spam probably people could argue on and on about Arme spam ok heres what My OPINION is, 2 arme Fireballs is NOT spam plz if anyone faces a Arme and Sees Do Avoidable Fb's do not go "OMG ARME SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM " now if you see i wanna say 3+? consider it spam..but do not Jump to Conclusions seeing how this may be due to lag or other issues or maybe the guy is being a douche and just spams then you either take the beating or do something about it like Taunt Spam : D

Armes Weakness and Advantages:

ok so Arme is god <3 but all gods can fall once in a while now one of our Main Weakness IMO is Lires yes there are a decent amount of Skilled Armes who have no Trouble with Lires but for myself i can only beat a handful if there about 42- but players like JollyRancher AcidSky and Cow of Course i will possibly never beat.but our Advantages see our Advantages are a Flexible player we can Heal..not ourselves but still are dash is OP we can dash out of anything really lol stone Curse is only 1 Bar Skill and used at the right times and Right momments is incredible our Meteor is omg OP lol I personally have no trouble with Some Melee not this is not ALL meele i do have Problems facing People Like Deeby)Deebest) and Khaosx and Dont forget KoreanMaster lol Tb is a nice Challenge to but we mostly have a Upper hand because we can Run and Wha you get close to me? STONE CURSE!

ok time for Some Tricks and Tips

Tip#1 Making your Arme look "Cute" does not always help you win in pvp <3

Tip#2 USE Anti Gravity! i see Rarely Any Armes use this and its such a Helpful thing in pvp i mean everyone just uses Lighting!

Trick#1Earth Curse-now this is a Rare Momment buts its happen now get a Enemy Dear you use earth Wave then quickly use Stone Curse this Catches them off Gaurd fairly Quickly

Trick#2 the Bubble Grab-ok this one is JUST like alchy Cure Grab all you do is if someone is Near you Bubble now there is a Delay between this Bubble Quickly Dash and Grab

Trick#3 Light Curse-now this is one of the Most Deadly Combos if you use Lightning Bolt for a decent amount of when they the bolt is just about to finish hit them with a Stone Curse its a nice Killer but doesn't always work

Trick#4 Pre Earth Wave-No Earth wave is incredibly Op lol lets Face it Damage and Stun? so..what i do in each match is uaslly just start Earth Circle if Anyone comes near you Press up and you got Earth Wave that uaslly hits if you time it right

OK! well this ends my Rather long how to use Arme now this is not Exactly.."HOW TO USE ARME OMG USE THIS OR DIE! FROM THE WRATH OF METEOR MOOSE!" this is just some Helpful Tips i thought i would like to give back to the Community ^^ ty for Reading


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07-23-2008   #2 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Moogler
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The first paragraph should make it pretty clear this was written by MooseInATree.

There is no 1v1 in team.


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