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07-23-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default The Devil of Hell`s Bridge 3

The Devil of Hell's Bridge 3

If you have not yet reached Hell's Bridge i suggest you read the other guides i am currently working on for the path from Partusay's Sea to Hell's Bridge. ON WITH THE GUIDE!


I recently helped some of my friends complete the Hell's Bridge quest which gives you a rather powerful weapon for characters of any level. They were rather desperate to get the weapon but were understandably scared when they saw the 38-41 level suggestion on Hell's Bridge 3. This level is in all actuality, very easy. Not to say that it's a bad idea to bring along some natal rings and potions. You'll want a decent number of people to help out. No matter what the level, the more people you have, the better. I did this with a full room. CarnCarby (level 22 Crossbow), Venge (level 16 Knight), Psukasa (level 18 mage), and Killafornia (level 18 knight). This quest is generally very easy if you just have the patience. You want to save your lives for the last boss obviously. The smartest thing to do at this point for lowbies is to sit back in the corner and let the ranged classes whipe out the majority of the monsters before moving in. This way you minimize damage and your mage doesn't feel too stressed at constantly having to heal. If you don't have a mage, don't panic too much just play it safe and be cautious. If you do have a mage, heal at the end of every section of the level. You're not being timed for this quest so take all the time you need. The jump quest in this map is most likely like something you've never seen before. Large gaps between platforms with pillars of fire that shoot up at you. I would suggest letting your crossbowman/archer go first and map out the course for another one of your party members. If an archer starts to fall, he/she always has the ability to use his/her double jump to work their way back up to a platform or in the case of the crossbowman, you float slow enough that you should be able to see the platform getting closer and act accordingly. Remember, BE SMART. In these levels, when it says DANGER or JUMP, don't just run around in circles panicking. Now the boss. This boss is extremely annoying yet one of the easiest and most badass bosses i've ever seen. He's an approximately 12 foot tall dark knight looking guy with a robe on. He wields a giant sword and has a voice that will chill you to the bone. The best thing to do with this guy is GET BEHIND HIM. Almost all of his attacks involve a forward movement. His usual attack for close range is a standard 3 slash with his sword, not too much damage but that's health you won't regain quickly. He has a dashing slash which is hard to avoid but is doable. As strange as it sounds, if you're range, get as close as you can to this guy. His attacks are slow and you can see them coming from a mile away. For example he will lift his sword high in the air and then slam it into the ground creating several diagonal beams of darkness that will instantly kill you if you are a low level. My strategy for this guy is that as an archer/crossbowman, the second you see him start his attack, dive through him or double-jump over him and start back attacking him because he doesn't recover very fast from his attacks. This goes for mages too, dash through him and get on the other side of him when he starts an attack. For a knight or ronan i would suggested getting underneath him when he attacks and jumping up behind him as soon as possible. He does warp to you if you hit him enough times but while his movement is fast, his attacks are not. The one attack you want to watch for is his Stone Curse. He will stab his sword into the ground and a smarll whirlwind of darkness will try to suck your character in, if you get sucked in, you get stone cursed and lose so much hp that you'll be typing "MAGE OH GOD HEAL ME!" as fast as you can. This guy does have a meteor attack which is similar to a mage's in damage but also completely useless because their are large, bright, glowing red circles where all of the meteors will hit. When they do hit, they will set the area on fire. I shouldn't have to say this but i will. DO NOT WALK IN THE FIRE PLEASE. You will die before you get to the end of it. I wouldn't suggest walking under it either. Sometimes the top of your character's hitbox will just barely touch the flame and you'll still take damage. Just wait it out, it doesn't take very long. That's about it, when you've beaten him and everyone is done crying in happiness, you'll have received your rather awesome weapon.

Author-Unknown Ex-MyChase user

Why is this here? These guides were stolen from the people who wrote them and are placed on without credit. I did some moving =). If you are the one who wrote this and you do not want them on this forum, please PM me and I will remove it immediately. Thank you.
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07-23-2008   #2 (permalink)
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This is also written by 'CarnCarby'.

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