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Default The Complete Knight PvM Guide

This Guide is targeted toward both begining and slightly advanced players playing Elesis's First job. It is written strictly from a Dungeon crawler stand point, And should not be confused for a PvP guide. I will start off with a basic List of Elesis moves and how they Work, Leading up to more advanced things like how to combine them together to get more effective meathods of attack.

Part 1: The Basic Moves

Attack # within combo: The number of attack button presses (well the proper number anyways) within a combo.
Name: A short description of the attacks movment for easy reverance within this guide.
# of blows: the ammount of times that attack, within combo or whatnot; strikes the enemy.
Notes: More detailed Notes on the attack
Knockdown type: Some attacks Knock foes to the ground. This initakes if an attack is a knockdown, and how strong it is.
Soft knockdown: A weaker Knockdown type attack.
Aireal launch: A knockdown type attack that launchs a foe into the air, allowing for Air combo bonus's and juggles.
Harder Knockdown: A slighty stronger knockdown type attack. There is only One attack the knight can preform that I have labled as being a 'harder knockdown'. That being the second attack within the Aireal ender.
Push: The ammount of distance it sends the enemy backward upon the strike.

The Knights Basic Combo: If one were to just button smash Z repeatidly , one would see the entire sequence of the Knights basic combo, void of aireal or charge attack ender (see below).

The Entire Basic Combo
Attack # within combo Name # of Blows Notes Knockdown type Push

Slash 1: Horizontal Slash 1 Begining blow of combo Nil Nil

Slash 2: Vert up1 1 Second blow in combo Nil Nil

Slash 3: Vert up2 1 Third blow in combo Nil Very Slight, Pushs foes about 1 ingame foot.

Slash 4: Thrust 2 A thrusting blow that hits foes twice. Is usaly the Last blow used in endless Combo Nil Slight, about 3 ingame feet.

Slash 5Ender) Sweep 1 The last attack in the normal combo sequence.Very rarely used by a proper knight. *Soft Knock down Great, About 6 ingame feet

Then there are combo "Enders" that can be used to end a sequence of attacks; Either putting a foe down on its butt, Or just plain ending your combo and Allowing a opening for the foe to move once more.
Alternate Combo Enders
Name: Command to preform # of blows Notes Knockdown type

Aireal Ender: Pressing *Up* any time after the second blow in the knights combo. 2 This ender attacks a Foe twice. The first Attack pops the Foe into the air like a proper Aireal attack. However, the second Blow Slams them back down toward the ground. Effectivly ending any Possible juggles or extended combos that could be preformed, as well as on some creatures Putting them back onto there feet. Aireal attacks are not the knights strong point. Please bare that in mind. First attack: **Aireal Launch.
Second attack: ***Harder knockdown
Charge Attack Ender Double tapping Forward or backward and then Z within a combo. 2 Same as the knights normal dash attack implimented straight into a combo. can be preformed either toward the current enemy your attacking, Or away from it to smack down a enemy sneaking up from behind. *Soft Knockdown

Other moves:
Jump attack: Attacking whist in the midst of a normal jump, or while dropping from a platform preforms a single hit jump attack. Can only be preformed once per every time your feet leave the ground and return to the ground again. Once exicuted you lose the ability to air dash durring that jump.
Dashing: Double tapping a horizontal direction and holding on the second tap will instigate a Run. This, combined with Air dashing is the Knights best mode of movment.
Air Dash: Dashing may also be done once per jump in midair. Attacking while in the midst of the air dash will preform a Charge Attack Ender instead of the normal midair jump attack.

Mana moves:
Name: Description Best used

Dragon slash (1 bar): The First attack is 3 stabbing strikes durring which you are under the protection of the Mana Attack invinciblily. The second attack the knight rears back her blade and instigates a freeze area effect befor Smashing down with her sword casuing a hard Knockdown. However after this strike she loses both her mana attack invinciblity and her Freeze area effects. This mana attack has 2 major uses, and niether of which are damage. The first is it is a Wicked dodge. The instant mana attack invinciblily can sometimes be the only way to effectivly dodge a hard hitting attack that you just dont want to hit you. The second is using it for a set up to use another mana attack, since it is faster to charge and has an instant Freeze area effect.

Sonic Wave (2 bar): This attack instintly triggers a Freeze area and Mana attack Inviciblity Effect. Then, Horizon sequence of slashes disburses from the blade straight ahead of you, hitting everything multiple times within a set distance. This Move is best Used a group of foes directly infront of you that are relitivly level with your position (also hits a slight bit behind you, but they litteraly have to be almost ontop of you). It doesnt do a massive ammount of damage, But it does go good damage and Hits all Foes within its range. Making it great for Doing a Damage to groups. It can also be combined with the first 3 strikes in Dragon slash using the Cancel princible (see Cancels below).

Air Spiral (3 bar): The first thing this attack does is trigger a Freeze area effect and you knight huddles over and prepares to unleash her onslaught of strikes. She then shoots dianglinaly Forward up into the air a good distance while being Mana Attack invincibile. at the peak of the attack she stops and triggers yet another freeze area effect with a pause. Then She shots dianglinaly Downward toward the Ground a set distance. The last strike of this section of the attack ending with a Hard Knockdown.
The Main blunt of the damage is done durring the first Upward attack and is best used by getting atleast one platform below the target you wish to damage. Being on the same Level Is almost a waste of this attack, for if one is just slightly underneath is Carries the struck creature up into the air with the knight and does massive damage. While being on the same level and hitting there back does just a little more than a dragon slash. Get a platform underneath your target and line up the bottoms of there feet within the sights of the first upward attack and there backs to you and you will obliterate anything your level or slightly higher.. or severly cripple Foes stronger than that, or buffed.

Part 2: Tips and Tech

Knightly/Universal Princibles
Attacking the back: This is a very basic princible. Hitting Foes in the Back give you a x2 modifier to your attack. the same modifier given for attacks done to foes within a juggle (Aireal). But Like stated above, Juggling is not really the knights strong point.

A Knights Full Health:If you have a third of your Health, you are at full health. All extra health is just that. Extra health. When ever you drop below a third of your HP you will slowly regenerate your Hp back up to a third. In nearly all Harder maps, or even level or lower maps; it is quite common for every Player in the server to have only a third of there health. If you ever get over your Head, and are about to Die. Simply flee for a time to regen some Health and return with a vengence. It isnt cowardly to run when your hurt, And it certainly not as bad as whining about the mage not activly seeking you out so she can heal you. Just stay outa the fray and knock down/ flee from anything that comes near you.

Potion Use:Bring Health Pots! there your best Friend! Ive met more than a few Knights/ Ronan who think there just to hardcore for pots. Well wake up, your not impressing anyone! Your just being an arrogant ***. Pots bring you back from Fatal; for those of you out there that are new, Fatal is where you have lost all your health but have not be struck the last time to be declared Dead. In this state you do not regenerate Hp and any hit that does Damage will kill you. Im lvl 30, And I can solo every boss Currently in the game on 3 stars, and I still go fatal. So drop the aggrogence and equip your freaking pots! Also, When you die most of the time you can use a potion real quick befor you fade and it will keep you from dying. Effectivly giving you 6 lives instead of 3.

Keeping Foe on There feet Vs. Knocking them down: 9 times out of 10, It is more Practical for a knight to keep The things she is fighting on there Feet vs Knocking her Foes to the floor. There are many reasons why this is so, The first being that the Knight herself does a great deal more Damage per second when Fighting a non Grounded foe. The 'get up' time after a foe is knocked down creates a temporary invincisiblity effect on the enemy and all attacks will pass threw the enemy doing no damage durring this short ammount of time. Knocking things down does not only Slow down the Damage the knight herself is doing, But also all the damage being done to that foe period. Which brings me to another point, when a Foe is Not grounded, it may be attacked by the knights team mates freely. While If a knight is repeatible Knocking things down, Everyone else is lucky to get in 1 or 2 blows befor the enemy is swiflt smashed to the ground once again. Things such as Spiecals exicuted by team mates Can be easily screwed up by a overzealous knight batting things about uncarringly.

---All the reasons listed above are contributing factors as to why The 4 pt Endless combo (Read how to prefom below) should be considered Knights Main combo, rather than alternative combos that all have a Ender Blow. However, there are *some* Instances where as Knocking a Foe to the floor is accuily prutent. For example, The Zombie Orcs in Forsaken Burrows Have a very Powerful 'Jump que' that at that at the level your most likly fighting them, Hurt very very bad. In fact when I first engaged them it used to take about half my Health, Extra health and all. Grounding a Zombie orc repeatible reduces the ammount of 'Jump ques' it will use durring a fight. Susiquently redueing the ammount of deaths of team mates who are off doing there own thing. However, once a good chuck of your team Focus's on the zombie orc, it is better to beging using endless combos on it again so that everyone may do there maximum damage.

---Above was just one situation when Knocking somthing down is better than keeping it on its feet. Im not saying it is all together horrible to knock a foe to the floor. But if your gonna do it have a reason to do it. And Unless you have a good reason to do it. Dont.

Up and over: When trying to wraggle a foes back, Jumping up on platforms just a little above them and dropping down behind them can be much much quicker, and more effective then a jump thump. When herding foes Please bare this simple fact in mind.

Assisting in a juggle: There is not a whole lot A knight can do to assist in a Juggle. Generaly, Either use a jump attack once the foe gets near enough to the ground, providing a short pause in there decent for team mates more equiped to juggle to get there barings; or the above platform Juggle technique listed below. There are some things a Knight must bare in mind while attempting to assist in a juggle though. For 1, Note that most long Juggles are done against a wall, so Never push the foe in opposite direction of the wall its being pressed against. Another thing one should Note is that Juggling is Not a knights strong point. so dont be greedy and simple Hit somthing in the air simply because you can. Alot of very well done juggles ive seen have been screwed up by a over zeolous knight spamming a jump attack without thinking. Dont be that Knight. Juggles can be very hard to begin and maintain. If you cant contribute without screwing it up. Dont contribute. Hang back and let your Team mates shine for a while.

Charging mana within a comboAlot of the time it is much more effective for you to Hold Z to charge up you mana from a Attack from within a combo. An example of this would be Z Z Z hold Z (durring the thrust. Wait till appropreate mana is charged. Release Z.

Freeze Area: When a player Releases a Mana Attack, all the enemys within a small area around there position become frozen in time temporarly. To the left you can see a rough estimate of about the area about the player that surcomes to this effect. Now thats just a rough estimate, And though I havent studied it at length I believe the size of the area shifts in relation to what exact Mana attack the player is about to preform. The picture to the left is based around the Air Spiral being the mana attack that is about to be used. As you can see the Red blade mech, and the Blue hammer mech jumping above the knight's position would get frozen as well as the blue hammer mech walking on the stage, While the dark mage would continue to Wonder and roam un effected by the freeze effect.
It is Important to Note that Enemys Only stay frozen as long as they are not hit. If a Enemy under the effects of the freeze Area is struct by a team mate The effect is instantly negated. Aka, It stops. You should do your very best Not to strike an enemy within your team mates freeze area once they have triggered a Mana Attack; And on the other side of the Coin, You should never expect a foe you Team mate is beating on repeatible to stay frozen very long, Since it will be impossible for them to stop there barrage of attacks in time.

Cancels: This a way to open up with a smaller mana attack, then cancel it out to replace it with a stronger one. More detailed information upon this Princible can be found here Dungeon Crawling for Dummies This is another Guide I reconmend for others to read.

Disengaging a Mana Charge: the easyest way to diengage a unwanted mana charge. Simply leap into the air and release *z* befor touching the ground. Another way is to press enter, release Z, then press enter again.


4 pt Endless Combo: Hit the Z button at a good steady pace until you see the animation for the Thrust attack (4th attack in combo). Pause for a moment. Repeat for as long as needed/desired. After a while of repeatidly doing this you will be able to feel When you should pause durring the combo, instead of relieing on sight. I cannot Stress enough that in most instances this is the proper and most effective Combo to be used.

Dashing straight into a Combo: Double tap a Direction and hold to initiate a Dash toward a foe. Stop holding directional key a slight bit befor running into the enemy and you will slide slightly to into them. Wait but a millisecond for Elesis to take her normal walking combat pose. Begin to tap Z and preform whatever Combo proves prudent to use at the time. -- A normal charge attack will knock your adverage Monster to the floor, this ties them up into a combo instead straight from a Dash; a 4pt endless combo most of the time. Which is most always a better use of your Knightly Skills.

The Jump Thumpouble tap a direction to instigate a Dash toward intended Foe. Just before making contact with the intended target press "up" to jump over and z to smack it in the head with a Jump attack, Simaleteously hitting the foe as you leap over them. Press back toward the foe and begin a combo, Hopfuly quick enough to lock there back.

The Leap Frog: Use theAireal Ender on foes that are red tindged, Super Armor, or incapible of being knocked down; While doing so, Hold the direction that leaps into them to Force yourself to 'leap frog' over them with the Aireal Ender's second attack. Once on the other side of them, turn around and begin to combo into there back for Double damage until they turn around to face you. This tech Works well on Brinkmen, Floating Squares, and red blade mechs when there charging there long blade attack.

Force to Face: Using a Charge attack ender on a foe that cannot be knocked down by a soft knockdown will automaticly turn them to face you (unless enemy is in the midst of a red charge, or normal attack). This bit of knowledge comes in quite handy when fighting Cubes in forgotten ruins. Allowing you to control which direction they wonder. Be sure to not charge somones back if you dont have to, for it will elimanate your instant ability to back attack them then and there.

Above Platform juggle: This is a hard thing to do, however, It is the best way to contrubute to Juggle. When the target foe is launched into the air, quickly dash up to a platform he is going to pass threw on the way back ddown toward the ground. Once in position, and provided you were quick enough, When he passes back down toward the ground smack him with a Horizontal Slash (1st attack in combo), then sparse out your z tapping so that you are only hitting with Horizontal Slashes. Just hitting with Horizontal Slashes seems to work better in my experiance than the full, or even part of the knights combo.

3 pt Endless Combo: This is a less damaging version of the 4pt Endless combo that is harder to preform correctly. It is done by pausing the pressing of z after the Vert up2 Attack in the knights combo (third strike), instead of the thrust(4th strike). There are some advantages to using the 3 pt endless combo over the 4pt endless combo. For one, The Thrust is a 2 hit attack and has a rather long animation time. Leaving you open to "Jump ques" (leaping troll, hammer orc, etc). While the 3 pt has must swifter pauses between actions allowing for a easyer time to pause in mid combo to preform a jump or change your tactics. The 3 pt endless Combo also has much less push in its strikes, causing less disturbance if you believe a Team mate might be Charging up to use some type of mana attack on the foe your working on. However, the Thrust attack in the 4pt endless combo also move you forward aswell durring its animation and close the gap, and since the vert up2 attack does have *some* Push to it; after so many repeats of the combo you will have to stop and slowly erk forward manualy to get back into range. - the 3pt endless combo is not superior to the 4pt endless combo as a wholeby any means. It is just a friendly alternative that one should bare in mind when one wants to consentrate on Finesse and control rather than damage.

Otto Shot: At this point in the knights career.. Elesis's first job, inwhich this guide is based around teaching; Ottoshot is rather usless in Dungeon crawling. There for the instructions to preform it Will not be included in this guide.

Lift and Air Spiral: This is a pretty advanced technique I learned when Playing with CujoEX. Normaly I can't remember Whome I learned what from. But this I distintly remember Who I learned it from so... Theres your props. Now, Not only is this technique advanced, but its really tricky to preform and can be easily Messed up by an ignorant team mate. It Follows the Charging Mana within a combo princible. Attack a Foe that can be Aireal launched and hit it with the first 3 strikes of the knights Combo, upon the 4th strike (Thrust) Hold the *Z* button down and begin to charge your Mana. Now the thrust Has a long animation time, Let it go until the last possible moment befor hitting *Up* to instigate a Aireal Ender, whist continuing to hold Z. The first attack of the Aireal combo will knock the foe up into the air, then when the Knight jumps up herself and hangs a moment befor hitting with the second strike of the aireal ender. Release the Z button. By this time. If you have done it correctly you will have built up your 3 bars; and though your jumping off the ground, the Game See you as being on the ground still (which is why Jump ques still hit you). Be sure to release it Befor the second strike or it wont work! and make sure the foe itself is near you to get caught within the freeze area, and also Diaginal upward so that it gets hit by the full force of the upand coming Air spiral. This technique basicly recreatates the optimal condictions for your Air spiral attack. Forcing them up above you in a diaginal Line upaboe you, and reoplacing the Back attack multipler with a Aireal one.

Advanced Dashing: Double Tapping Both The disired direction you wish to go (left or right) and up Simalteously and you will Preform a short Diangleal Dash up into the air. Though it take you into the air, It reads as you being on the ground when you preformed it, allowing for a second air dash to follow, be sure to do it on the descent of the Dianglenal Dodge just preformed. Combining these 2 together accuily makes your Knight move faster than typical Dashing straight forward.The Diangleal Dash is also a great away to Climb upward swiftly to a platform in that position.

Part 3: The Knights Roll and Working with others

Getting to know The Knight:
The Knights biggest Strong point is that she is the most self relieant Class currently in game. Her high defence and High speed Make it very likely that you will be last one standing when fighting a tuff boss, as well as making her the least likely to die. Aside from that her combos are straight forward, no nonsence Attacks void of any 'dancy' type moves with long animation time(aside from the aireal ender which I discourage using most the time). She is a great at herding foes together for herself and teammates alike to use spiecals on large groups or For just general attacks to cause constant damage.
In Fact, thats Pretty must the Knights roll. To tie things up in Combat and allow there Team mates to eviserate them with there attacks. You must also understand that Tieing foes up in combat does Not Equal getting hit. Dont let anyone tell you its your roll to get hit. Cause its not. Your roll is not so much to Tank as it is to be a Distraction.

Working with Others
Now these are just my thoughts on things. Listed belw is my feeling on the relationships between classes and how they should/ do work together. I am Biaest. I'll admit it. But I accuily have the experiance to Be Baiest. If you take nothing else from this section of my guide. Take this one bit of advice. If you want to work better with other classes.... Play the other classes and try to master how they work! Other Knights: Another well played Knight by your side can be a big help. However, a weakly played one can be as annoying as an Archer.

Spear Maidens: A Spear Maidens Ideology and playstyle and a Knights conflict each others greatly. For the only Part, there aireal lauchers and decent jugglers when played with some thought, making them great companions for archers, and Xbows..... But not Knights. They Can do 4 pt Endless Combos just like knights, however the damage they put out is serverly nurfed. A Spear Maidens Spear durring its Regual ground combo Does half the damage of a knights sword with the same attk power. Things being like they are, they usaly relie on there Aireal Launch attack at some point durring there combo to get a good chuck of the enemys health. The Best Tactic ive found to working with them is the above platform juggle durring there lauchs, befor coming back down and meleeing with them durring there combo. There Can be one good thing about spear Maidens I should note. For them to Get a Spear Maiden, they had to play a knight at some point; and if they were a good knight, It means theyve been in your shoes befor.Even if you dont know how they work, They should know how you work.

Archers: This is another class that for the most part doesnt mesh with knights very well. The Main reason being is that Archers knock things down. Period. There are ways around them doing it, But if they do a normal point and shoot attack there gonna have to end it with there Dashing ender or be subject to the long delays without movment between attacks; And that dash arrow knocks things down, even if there smart enough to point it away that Things going somwhere. See.. For an archer not putting that little knockdown inducing dash on the end of there combo is like a knight doing a aireal ender every time it stops attacking. They have to wait for the combo to stop, then wait again to be able to move once more. The dash arrow instantly negates that and allows them to move. It speedens there combo and more importantly Allows them to move again! If not, Every time there shoot with there combo they have to sit there like meat for about a second or 2. Now, Archers Using Jump attacks and stomps can engate the knock down effect, As well as there Needing to move issue. But that doesnt get past the fact that...well, the player behind the keyboard chose to play an archer.. not a knight and Not somthing that can only shoot dianglenal downward and jump on things. They playing that character to play a archer, and shoot at things from any point in the map. Im not saying that its wrong For archers to use jump attack, im just saying, you adverage player.. or even advanced player, is gonna wanna play there archer as well... a archer. Weather us knights like it or not.

Crossbowmen: This class can work Very well with a Knight provided they properly Stagger there shots to negate a knockdown (think 4pt endless combo. its exactly the same for this class). This class infact can work good with any Class currently in game if played right. They can juggle, Melee,and Distance attack. A well played one is Just a barrel of awsome., and a weakly played one doesnt get in your way to bad for the most part.

Mages: Mages and Knights work very well together. Knights provide a great distraction durring the time it takes for a mage to Cast is Circle Combo, which does Great damage. The ground pound however can make a mess of things for you very quickly. Understand that mages Hate to get hit and in mid combo a ground pound can be a very paniced, yet effective "*squeeeeeee!* get away from me!!". If there Abusing the ground pound however on things a knight has effectly tied up... Thats just there poor judgment.
Now, I need to get somthing off my chest. Mages are not for healing, Mages are for nuking... so stop crying! It takes a mage all 3 bars of there mana to heal and they themselves get *no* Hp from it. 19 outa 20 times it is a complete waste of there mana since more likly than not, if you were beaten to the point of needing to be healed, your gonna get knocked around and beaten back down to that point befor the mage has a chance to regen the mana She used healing your sorry ass. Arme is a prime Damage machine and you eating up her Mana to regain HP you coulda just gotten from just staying outa the fray for half a minute is booth selfish and stupid. And typing the phrase "heal" over and over again is more likly to get you killed than provoke a responce. Suck it up. If the battle is to hard, Run, Dodge better or at the very least Die with some dignitity. Like I said befor, Knights are the most self relient Class in the game. If you think that just cause you swing a sword that automaticly means you need a healer to be your persoanly heal B****, go back to WoW! There are only a few times inwhich a Knight should ask to be healed. 1 is befor a hardcore bossfight, and making note to allow the mage to charge her mana back to full afterward, and 2 is when fatal and either forgot to bring, or have run dry on health pots...

Magical Swordsmen: Noob Ronans can accuily be less annoying then Noob Knights. The Main reason being that there default button smashing combo Is a 5 hit endless combo with no knockdown at the end. The Biggest advantage over however knights they possess is the ability to trigger aireals on a whim and while that can be a good accet to the team, It can also make a bad one just as annoying as a Noob Knight ending all its combos with an ender. The default endless combo just makes it harder for them to be bad, and a Noob is still a noob. However, on the other side of the spetrum a Well played Ronan can be just as helpful as a well played Knight. I have my own reservations why I dont like to play Ronan myself. But I can appreatate a Player that can play one well.. plus.. damage increasing Buffs are always nice to have.

Final Notes

I Hope you Enjoyed reading This Guide. I took me a while to write all this out and its still kinda rough, and there are more than a few spelling mistakes im sure. (I dont have a Spell Checker, and most of this was written in html, which im not even sure if you can run threw a spell checker.) But I wanted to share this with you guys In the hopes that New players will get a better understanding of the Game, and the playing of the Knight. While more veterain players Might learn a thing or two they didnt; or to put into words things perhaps they already knew, and make them think about them differantly. Anyways, I hope you Enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed it leaching my soul to try and get it write and put the things Ive learned into words best I can. Input is welcomed, But I might not Alter or tweak the guide anytime soon because of Real life events currently going down. Which is another reason I rushed the release. Bare in mind that this is just a guide, and should treated as that. A guide. Not a lawbook. I tryed to write somthing that would steer Players toward a good direction without cramping things dont there throat. I people who read this to Experiment and think. However, I am Opionionated on certain things, and like most everyone else I believe my opinion is right. But ultimately. How you decide to play is up to you.

Happy Hunting guys.
~ Khaos Frog
Author-Unknown Ex-MyChase user

Why is this here? These guides were stolen from the people who wrote them and are placed on without credit. I did some moving =). If you are the one who wrote this and you do not want them on this forum, please PM me and I will remove it immediately. Thank you.
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