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Default Partusay's Sea

Partusay's Sea is the first level of the Ellia Continent. I'd also like to think that everyone agrees when i say that Partusay looks like a bad-***. Now, on with the guide


As i stated earlier, this is the first level of Ellia Continent. This means, contrary to popular belief, that it is harder than Gaikoz' Castle. Now, look at the guy in the picture before you start the level. That is the last boss, and he will eat your face. The first few levels of this map are pretty simple, but there's a new twist. You now have a nifty little oxygen bar. Since you're underwater and i'm only assuming you need air to live, it would be a good idea to not let that bar hit zero. My technique was to reach the top of the map where there is dry land and plenty of oxygen and just shoot downwards with my crossbow to take everything in the level out. There's also these neat little O2 stations that look like sea shells, if you stand on these you'll slowly regain O2. The monster's are pretty one dimensional with having only one useful but avoidable attack. These new guys will dive and spin at you like a torpedo, doing quite a bit of damage and knocking you back if it hits. The key here is to not let it hit. Either by using range or by just playing cautiously. You should by now know the warning signs of when a monster is about to attack. Usually they'll crouch a little or lean back and then freeze-frame, all the while glowing red, and then attack you. This level is pretty easy until you reach the jump section. It's rather difficult and if you don't feel confident in doing it, allow your party's Lire or someone else experienced to do it. Now, assuming that you've reached the boss, you probably need to check and see if you wet yourself. The picture they show you does not give this titan of a man justice. He's a giant statue of a man sitting in a chair. He takes up half of the entire map, this means no back attacking him. He will lock on to whoever is doing the most damage to him and hurl water spears at them. These do goos damage but you can easily jump over them. His only other attack worth mentioning is he'll create several underwater tornadoes. I think it goes without saying but don't get caught in one of these, you'll die. My suggestion is just to play it safe, jump when necessary, and spam the crap out of your special moves. If you play it smart he should go down pretty fast. Congratulation's on beating this titan into the ground!


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This was written by 'CarnCarby'.

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