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Default Nymph`s Archer Skill

I know I know its really long ... BUT you can search for the movement you are looking for easily. I also described each move and where they are good for. Now Do not get depressed fellow archers! it's time to show what archers can do! This tips are Nymph skills that is important at this momment. If you master these moves, at least you have chance agains thick armor enemy.

Knowledgement before start : Archer is never weak nor strongest in pvp. It's player's strategy that decides how game will come out ( besides noob with thick armor ). Unlike most of game, archer in grandchase is very strong in melee fight too. So don't just run away from knight, try to find the way to slaughter them much as you can.

[Platform dash] Dash + down ( instantly) + z ( hold direction pad till you hit the ground and release right after )

Why do you think theres huge gap between archer pro and archer noob? archer noob does not change their position quickly enough to dodge the attack from attackers. Platform dash allows you to dash to lower platform twice faster rate. Simple position change can help you last long to drag the battle to your win. If you really know what this platform dash can do, you can probably drag game up to 30 minute against knight without even trying to kill him.

[Duble shot] Z + (opposite side of enemy) Dash + Z

This is 2 shot combo which is abandoned by many archers. 3 shots will cause beserk yet infinity 2 shot combos will stop them from approching without beserk in concequence.

[Stomp-grab] Duble jump + ( locate yourself into enemy's very side ) + Z + ( instantly towards enemy ) Dash + Z

This combo is very simple yet most effective skill using lag. ( its possible without lag, but if enemy has lag, theres more chance you will sucessfully finish the skill ) The damage is so critical even GM's thick armor gets critical damage. Personally Nymph's favorite move!

[3 Angle shot] ( aim 1st position ) z + ( instantly im 2nd position ) z + z ( if necessary ) + Dash ( if enemy is close, try to grab him ) z + [ EXTRA Dash ( any direction )] z

This will allow to shoot 3 position of the map with in time of combo. It looks very confusing, but if you fallow steps, it's very easy move. It is also most basic step to become master archer.

[4 Angle shot] ( aim 1st position ) z + ( aim 2nd position ) z + (dash towards direction you are shooting ) z + [ EXTRA Dash ( any direction ) ] z

This will give you 4 different angle shots with in time of combo. This is very complicated move allowing you to protect against number of enemies in the room. Especially when you are chasing after knight.

[Otto shot] Manual Otto - Dash jump ( very instant ) + z repeat. Automatic Otto - In lowest platform's edge hold directional pad and press z repeatively with otto timing. These skills require some practice.

Otto shot can be manuel or auto as long as your hands can keep up. This is only move that can prevent knight from approching with Shadowstep ( Knight's special dash form ) besides your luck of dodging. In Elven Forest You can otto shot left or right side giving chance to you to escape from enemy more easily, hopefully enough time to recharge HP. Theres also something called Back-otto which comes in handy. ( will be screen shotted )

[Back otto] Dash + jump + looks at opposite direction from dashing + z ( same as stun purpose ) + Dash away from enemy + z

This will provide time against knight approching from you or running away along with extra shots, however only weakness found is spear's 2nd special or sword's 3rd special. Besides that it's most invincible move against lower platformed enemy. You can also apply this with ottoshot in continuation! It's also nymph's favrotie move too!

[Ground otto + Grab] Similar to Manual Otto - [ Dash jump ( very instant ) + z ](this will stun enemy really quick) + Dash grab / or instantly duble jump stomp grab ( This will only work is enemy is really stunned as player, meaning enemy release their keyboard as mistake )

[Marching otto] Dash + jump ( has to be practiced timing ) + ( opposite direction ) z + ( still on air ) looks at dashing direction + z ( has to land right away or else you are doing it too slow or jumped too high )

This will get you to dashed location with two extra shot given to both direction. Insanely hard trick. I can hardly do it. The reason why I mention this is that during survival theres time when you are trapped by two knights from each sides ( sword ) you can protect yourself by stunning both of them at the same time when they dash into you.

[Cliffing shot] ( Walk towards edge of cliff ) z + (while shooting slide on the air apply any attack such as stomp grab or combo)

Cliffing shot is something you do when you have to change position in the map without delaying your attack. Meaning you are sliding down the cliff while shooting with combo. It's tricky, you have to SLIDE down the cliff.

[In Dash shot] Dash + z ( very short timing when dash is about to end )

This is final Lire's move that allows you to dash shot opposite direction from where you are dashing with same key.

It's very simple. Dash + z / but if you press z just in time before dash ends, you will shoot arrow opposite direction.

[Special Combination]

Delay grab ( when enemy is fallen into the ground , located yourself just enough distance to grab or shorter ) + 1st special ( right timing ) + grab ( when enemy gets up )

1st + 1st = duble the damage of 1st special by shooting another 1st special in delay. Delay end ( Enemy = Player )

1st + 2nd = safest way to grab enemy without being attacked by near enemy. Delay end ( Enemy < Player )

2nd + 1st = If you get the timing right, such as when rainarrow fall is perfectly matched with 1st special, you will change your first special into critical attack due to combination damage. ( very tricky )

3rd + otto = When you shoot 3rd special front of enemy, enemy will sometimes miss, howevery arrows are coming back. You stop enemy from escaping by ground otto enemy really quick to stun them. So when arrow rotates around the map, it will hit enemy with most of the arrow. ( works most of the time, shadow steping knights can possibly escape )

These are some of moves you can use during the fight. It's lire player's job to combine these moves in order to bring out maximum performance of archer.

*Tatical moves*

[ Otto + combo + grab ( does not work against knight / ronan ) ]

Apply otto ( dash up z * repeat ) + ( when they get stunned ) + cliff shot ( walk + z ) or back otto ( dash + opposite direction z + dash direction z ) + ( stomp grab duble jump + z ) or ( grab dash +z )

Until you finish marching otto or cliff shot, the enemy has to be stunned the whole time, meaning its unescapable. If they do get to escape, you are doing it wrong or not fast enough. Then you choose between stomp grab or grab. Stomp grab has about 25% chance to be successful + risk of being countered and grab has 50% chance to be successful ( its rather if they grab back or cast spell )

[ Stomp grab + 1 or 2nd special ( delay ) + grab + 1 or 2nd special (delay) ( hardly works on mage ) ]

Look up if you dont know what delay grab is... This is ultimate skill when you have 2-3 mp gauge but does not have time to use the skill. For example knight is over you when you got knocked down. It doesn't nessarily have to be stomp grab but you have to knock him down to delay grab. It's very easiliy performed yet does significant damage. The reason why it hardly works on mage is mage can disappear into teleport when you try to special it.

- it will continue through out the day. Its school time :] I'll upload bunch of picture too.


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07-23-2008   #2 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Moogler
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I'm guessing this would be written by someone called Nymph, and I don't recall ever seeing it on MyChase. This might have been stolen from the official forums.

There is no 1v1 in team.


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